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Dell Technologies Ready Solutions for AI

Dell Technologies Ready Solutions for AI are delivered with everything you need to accelerate AI initiatives.

These pre-designed and pre-validated solutions make AI implementations faster and easier and are ideal for machine and deep learning. Organizations can start small and grow according to their use cases as they seamlessly integrate robust modern technologies to drive faster, better, deeper and new insights — enabling them to drive operational efficiencies, transform decision making and drive business growth.

  • Drive Operational Efficiencies: Render better and deeper data-driven insights that drive operational efficiencies.
  • Transform Decision Making: Embark upon your AI journey to uncover the rich data insights that will allow you to transform your decision making, real-time.
  • Grow The Business: Drive business outcomes and create new revenue streams to grow the business.

Architected by Dell Technologies and delivered by ViON, Ready Solutions for AI help make artificial intelligence simpler with a pre-validated design that is ideal for machine and deep learning, to enable faster, deeper insights to your operations. Regardless of the size or needs of your operation, ViON has the advanced expertise, technological tools, and skills required to design, build, and manage an effective AI infrastructure, specifically tailored to meet your organizational goals.

ViON alleviates the barriers to adopting Ready Solutions for AI with an as-a-Service delivery model that removes complexity, saves time and mitigates financial constraints. In addition, our Professional and Managed Services teams deliver:

  • Predictable Cost Model
  • U.S.-based Management
  • Guaranteed Service Levels Backed by SLAs
  • Complete Implementation According to Industry Best Practices
  • Metrics focused on Business Outcomes


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