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Drive Innovation with High Performance Compute

ViON partners with Fujitsu to deliver the industry-leading PrimeHPC FX700, driven by its proprietary Arm A64FX CPU. The A64FX, developed by Fujitsu powers supercomputers for analysis of massive data sets, modeling and rapid simulations, machine learning and AI. The FX700 is ideal for memory bandwidth strained applications as well as intensive processing capabilities needed for AI/ML. The FX700 implements Arm’s Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) instruction set for high-throughput.

The FX700 delivers immediate return on investment, reducing costs with an efficient air-cooled designed chassis, that saves power, cooling and floorspace to provide significant value over any competitive HPC solution. In addition, the compute platform delivers twice the performance of Intel and AMD and with a standard 2U chassis, the FX700 can be easily mounted in a standard server rack for fast deployment.

Features of the PrimeHPC FX700:

  • Based upon Fugaku’s Arm-based A64FX CPU developed by Fujitsu
  • Each 2U chassis has 48 computing cores per CPU capable of providing a theoretical peak, double-precision, floating-point operations performance of 3.072 TFLOPS per CPU, while taking advantage of the HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory 2) a worlds first general-purpose CPU.
  • Easy deployment form factor and air-cooled design
  • Industry-standard Infiniband HDR interconnect and RHELv8 operating system support
  • Fujitsu software compiler package for extensive performance tuning capabilities
  • Architecture based upon “Top Gun” ranked #1 – Fugaku HPC TOP500 Supercomputer

ViON’s professional and managed services are available to help you maximize your high-performance compute investment and our Enterprise Support Services team is comprised of highly trained system engineers that are available around the clock for assistance related to the FX700.


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