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At ViON, it’s always been about listening to the voice of the customer and never letting anything get in the way of that – even profit. We believe that doing the right thing and building relationships leads to stronger and more long-lasting business partnerships. When organizations hire ViON, we adopt their mission and share our customers’ commitment to do whatever it takes to accomplish that mission. It’s not about profit, it’s about partnership.

We constantly ask, “What else can we do for you?”. This question is embedded in our culture. Asking this question helps us identify how we can best be of service and help them tackle challenges – both before and after the sale takes place. We use our available resources to address customer needs because we understand the important role that service plays in any relationship.

By creating a culture of listening first and being willing to respond, no matter the request, we have earned the respect and loyalty of our customers for over 40 years. We’ve embraced this philosophy and it’s made all the difference and it is what will continue to drive us forward as a company.

ViON is committed to innovation – and to the success of your organization. We work with the leading industry OEM partners to implement technologies to meet your mission success.

ViON is a Solution Provider with a full portfolio of storage, compute, networking, high performance computing, artificial intelligence/analytics, and networking capabilities. ViON’s Customer Intimacy Model ensures that our collective team of experienced sales and technical teams are intimately involved with your organization to ensure your success. This is our commitment to you.

What Our Customers Say:

“When the transformers, and back-up transformers went out in our data center, ViON leapt into action to get us up and running in 72 hours. What was remarkable was that this outage was not caused by ViON or the result of any of their equipment, but because they understood how important it was to be back online quickly, and they responded to get everything up and running – even equipment from other vendors.”
-DoD Agency

What Our Employees Say:

“The philosophy of “customer intimacy” is rooted in our DNA. It means that we are always looking for the next step to better serve our customers. It’s not about revenue, it’s about being the kind of technology provider that doesn’t just satisfy the customer’s needs, but takes the next step. And the step after that.”

-Tom F. President / CEO

“We will set the bar high, and strive to exceed it, because we believe in going above and beyond to do what is right for our customers.”

-Brian A. ViON Services

“Our customers don’t expect us to be perfect, but they expect that we will take extraordinary steps to correct an issue when something happens. When something goes wrong, we will own it and we will make it right. We refuse to let our customers down.”

-Bear B. ViON Customer Support

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