Vision / Philosophy

Vion Hq Sky

Since 1980, ViON has maintained an unrelenting commitment to the success of our customers. We have succeeded by investing in our people, so that only those with the highest levels of training, expertise and industry certifications can design, install, maintain and support ViON solutions for our customers. Investing in our people is an investment in our customers.

By seeking the most qualified people to be part of an innovative and rewarding workplace, we maintain a consistent and engaged workforce, who are integral to our customer’s mission. We foster the belief that extraordinary thinking results in extraordinary actions which delivers extraordinary results.

We never stop asking the question, “What else can we do for you?”. This philosophy is embraced at the highest levels of leadership at ViON and is embedded in the DNA of our culture. We expect excellence from ourselves, so we can deliver excellence to our customers.

Our Mission

ViON’s mission is to deliver extraordinary results to our customers through a commitment to innovation, people and perfection. By collaborating with industry-leading partners, we develop custom IT solutions that simplify the complexity of the modern data center. We deliver excellence tailored to each of our customers’ unique requirements and we never stop asking, “What more can we do?”

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