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ViON accelerates the speed-to-value of big data analytics with a converged hardware and software solution designed to meet the exact specifications of our customers. Our portfolio provides options for data, cognitive and advanced analytics capabilities, and expertise. Available on-prem or in a hybrid cloud deployment, we help organizations uncover insights that improve business outcomes.

ViON’s advanced analytics solutions incorporate the best products, processes, and support to deliver data management and analytics solutions that meet your specific needs. Using our innovative approach and solid data management strategies, we can unlock the potential of advanced analytics for your organization.

Big Data and Advanced Analytics Professional Services

ViON offers a robust, high-value portfolio of services designed to help deploy your Analytics solution.  We bring many years of experience in the form of data management, data engineering, data architecture, and data analysis to customers looking for better ways to put their data to use.  Our expert team can facilitate your transition to Big Data in a way that can revolutionize how your organization does business intelligence.

  • Seasoned Architects and Engineers, Big Data Integrators
  • Data Analysts and Data Scientists
  • Industry-leading experts in Hadoop, Spark, and Data Science Frameworks
  • Experienced and certified Solution Delivery Consultants
  • Project Managers to deliver complex service deployments
  • Experts who leverage OEM’s global reach, deep product knowledge, customer best practices, and proven solution implementations

ViON’s big data analytics capabilities will maximize your organization’s potential, fuel innovation, and outpace your competition.


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