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DataAdapt accelerates the speed-to-value of big data analytics with a converged, pre-configured hardware and software stack that can be deployed as a solution or as-a-Service. We’ve invested the time and resources to create a fully validated, tested and ready-to-deploy data analytics platform that can reduce a typical 12-18 month build cycle down to just a few weeks.

ViON’s DataAdapt solutions incorporate the best products, processes, and support to deliver data management and analytics solutions that meet your specific needs.  Using our innovative approach and solid data management strategies, we can unlock the potential of advanced analytics for your organization.


DataAdapt for Hortonworks / Cloudera accelerates the deployment of a secure, enterprise-ready Apache™ Hadoop® platform that powers customer applications and delivers robust big data analytics. With a preconfigured, fully validated Hadoop platform delivered as a solution or as-a-Service, DataAdapt accelerates the deployment of big data analytics from months to weeks.

With DataAdapt for Hortonworks / Cloudera, you can:

  • Gain meaningful insights into data with modern tools that provide precision, value and understanding
  • Leverage on-prem, colo, and cloud resources to create a flexible data fabric for your Enterprise
  • Improve data governance for Hadoop from the Edge to the Analyst
  • Focus on outcomes through automation to improve data productivity, collaboration and yield better insights
  • Reduce downtime, risk, and costs by ensuring data consistency and availability across Hadoop clusters for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Let ViON find and manage the right upgrade path for your Enterprise as Hortonworks and Cloudera merge to provide a Unity platform, freeing up valuable internal resources.

DataAdapt for IBM i2 leverages the power of advanced analytics for cyber investigations, fraud detection, and threat intelligence to reveal obvious and non-obvious relationships with criminal syndicates, gangs, terrorist cells, and fraudulent activity. By connecting disparate data points within large volumes of information, the DataAdapt platform uses entity resolution to uncover the ambiguities that nefarious groups and individuals use to hide.

  • Identify and remediate potential threats through investigations and gain actionable intelligence through the correlation of multiple datasets.
  • Manage complex data for intelligence gathering and cyber analytics for distribution to key stakeholders to expedite and improve decision making.
  • Enhance collaboration for threat and fraud detection, prevention and resolution: view data from a single dashboard, for ease of use and rapid analysis.

ViON partners with Yellowbrick to solve the hard problems in data warehousing – high availability, complex mixed-workload support, support for ad-hoc SQL, correct answers on any schema, scalability from terabytes to petabytes, and on-the-fly capacity expansion while supporting large numbers of concurrent users.   Benefits of the Yellowbrick Data Warehouse include:

Performance: Increase analytic performance by 10 – 140x, enabling users to run queries that were previously impossible.

Faster, Simpler Management: Quickly deploy and be in production the same day. The Yellowbrick Systems Management Console ensures that day-to-day management is intuitive.

Higher Capacity:  Retain more historical data to run complex mixed workloads delivering highly responsive, interactive applications for business users and data scientists

Lower Costs: Run Yellowbrick Data for less than the annual support cost of legacy systems.

Big Data and Advanced Analytics Professional Services

ViON offers a robust, high-value portfolio of services designed to help deploy your Analytics solution.  We bring many years of experience in the form of data management, data engineering, data architecture, and data analysis to customers looking for better ways to put their data to use.  Our expert team can facilitate your transition to Big Data in a way that can revolutionize how your organization does business intelligence.

  • Seasoned Architects and Engineers, Big Data Integrators
  • Data Analysts and Data Scientists
  • Industry-leading experts in Hadoop, Spark, and Data Science Frameworks
  • Experienced and certified Solution Delivery Consultants
  • Project Managers to deliver complex service deployments
  • Experts who leverage OEM’s global reach, deep product knowledge, customer best practices, and proven solution implementations

ViON’s big data analytics capabilities will maximize your organization’s potential, fuel innovation, and outpace your competition.


ViON partners with industry leaders to deliver Advanced Analytics as a solution or ”as-a-Service”:


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