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Itinfrastructure Tabs Data Management

Data Management and Protection

Data management and protection solutions from ViON safeguard data in physical and virtual environments to ensure data availability, resiliency and recoverability. Our solutions provide end-to-end data security for on-prem private cloud, public cloud, physical servers, virtual machines, applications, databases and end-point devices. We understand that data access and integrity is critical to every organization, and we provide a complete portfolio of business continuity, operational and disaster recovery, and data management solutions from industry leading manufacturers.


Itinfrastructure Tabs Flash Storage

Flash Storage Array

Flash storage combines performance and density in solid-state memory to increase the speed and efficiency for enterprise data center environments.  With lower latency, higher IOPS, reduced power consumption, greater storage density and increased reliability, flash is the foundation for accelerating data centric applications. Flash supports the variety of storage needs that enterprises have: block, file and/or object, low latency/low cost of capacity, dense mixed workload consolidation, high density, high reliability and the ability to move large data sets quickly and easily.


Itinfrastructure Tabs Hyper Converged

The Benefits of Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is the foundation for building an enterprise hybrid cloud environment for modernizing IT, bringing cloud simplicity to the enterprise data center. Hyperconverged infrastructure simplifies operations by integrating compute, storage, networking and virtualization through intelligent software that can be managed as a single system. Hyperconverged infrastructure delivers data center agility with scalable solutions that extend a virtual environment to support new and expanding workloads with less disruption than traditional IT.


Abstract data network illustration in bright pink and blues

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Migrate TDM

Operators need the capability to evolve their networks with data-driven automation and analytics that make their systems dynamic and adaptive to change. But current legacy TDM technology does not allow for the automation, scalability and flexibility needed to support these changes. TDM modernization provides an easy path to a more effective network.


Itinfrastructure Tabs Object Storage

Cloud Storage: A Better Path

Object storage in the cloud allows IT organizations to store and manage unstructured data at scale, making it accessible and secure by putting content in the right location, at the right time in the right storage tier. Object storage systems feature a single, flat global namespace, across geographically disperse locations, so multiple sites appear as one logical cloud storage system resulting in location-independence without requiring a file system to govern data placement. Object storage employs a comprehensive metadata strategy compared to traditional tiered file or block structure to increase the opportunity to analyze the data.


Itinfrastructure Tabs Security


ViON’s security portfolio provides visibility into your network activity to identify vulnerabilities and orchestrate remediation measures. Our solutions provide centralized, real-time visibility and control into network activity to help you stay a step ahead of potential threats.


Data Center Background

Software Defined Storage

Software Defined Storage allows the provisioning, orchestration and management of physical data storage on industry standard hardware for greater flexibility, efficiency and scalability.  By making storage resources programmable, software defined storage allows IT organizations to separate storage resources from the underlying hardware. This enables management of storage resources to be easily automated and orchestrated, rather than sitting in siloes, making it easy to adapt to new business demands.


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