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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a reality for organizations both large and small.

Artificial Intelligence refers to the use and development of computer-based systems that complete complex tasks utilizing human intelligence; such as speech recognition, data analysis, decision-making, visual perception, and language translation. Unlike a traditional analytics approach, AI utilizes data to make productive changes to the underlying algorithm.

The versatile applications and solutions of AI that ViON offers allow for increased efficiency, improved logistics and more.

Why Choose ViON to Construct and Implement Your AI Infrastructure?

Regardless of the size or needs of your operation, Artificial Intelligence is a valuable tool. ViON has the advanced expertise and tools required to build and facilitate an AI infrastructure that meets your needs, offering an as-a-Service acquisition model to make customization simple. Our data scientists possess unparalleled data analytics expertise and ViON is part of a robust partner community.

Here are just a few examples of how AI can be utilized:

  • Detect and assess security threats, automating incident responses
  • Construct knowledge libraries based on tangible data, detecting unseen patterns and defining opportunities for improvement
  • Monitor productivity on a variety of scales, making suggestions for streamlining processes and reducing time-wasting factors like human error
  • Extract valuable metadata from textual and non-textual unstructured data, highlighting elements such as keywords, categories, semantics, and concepts
  • Provide effective customer service via virtual assistance, including platforms such as online chatbots to aid in customer interaction
  • Boost sales by using predictive analysis and machine learning, building insights using existing sales data


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