Fast. Affordable. Exceptional. When it Comes to AI, You Can Have All 3.

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There is a well-known saying in business: “You can have it fast, cheap or good.  Pick 2.”  In many instances, this adage holds true.  However, when it comes to jumpstarting your AI program, it is possible to have exceptional, fast and affordable in a single solution when you leverage the advantages that AI Infrastructure delivered as-a-Service can provide.

Why AI Infrastructure as-a-Service?
We regularly hear from customers that AI is too complex, that they lack in-house expertise to design, deploy and manage an AI platform.  They feel it’s  expensive and they don’t know how to get started.  While there is a level of truth to these barriers, they are not insurmountable.  With a focused strategy, customers new to AI can start with a small scale deployment designed with specific objectives and scale as their capabilities expand.  AI Infrastructure delivered as-a-Service provides the financial, technical and management means to jumpstart any AI initiative.

What is AI Infrastructure?
The build it yourself model of deploying AI infrastructure can present multiple challenges – never-ending cycles of compiling and tuning open source software, months of system building and refining and data bottlenecks from legacy solutions are all common hurdles. We work with leaders in the AI space, like Dell Technologies, Pure Storage and NVIDIA to deliver purpose-built architectures to meet demands of AI.  This includes storage, networking, high performance compute, GPUs, a complete AI software stack and services that enable data scientists to be up and running in hours versus months or even years.  ViON’s expertise helps reduce training time from weeks to days.

How do I Manage It?
AI Infrastructure delivered as-a-Service can be a fully managed service where a company like ViON has a staff of data scientists, solution architects and professional services experts that work side-by-side with you to manage the solution end-to-end.  Or it can be a simple CapEx financial model where you pay for the technology you consume on a monthly basis but you manage and tune the solution, develop models, create algorithms etc.  Depending on the resources available to you within your organization, you may choose a fully managed service, a simple financial model or anywhere in-between.  A lack of in-house expertise should not be a barrier to deploying AI.

How Do I Fit AI in my Budget?
The complexity of deploying AI can seem overwhelming – infrastructure investments, software, tools, manpower, administrative costs, not to mention specialized expertise.  The financial burden alone of building an AI program from the ground up can be prohibitive.  This is why many organizations are turning to AI Infrastructure delivered as-a-Service.  First, as-a-service eliminates or significantly reduces the up-front capital investment in infrastructure, which is replaced with a far more manageable monthly fee that only charges for resources consumed.  Second, it can provides access to AI resources and expertise that can fill a knowledge gap, without adding additional headcount.  And with a Marketplace to help manage the as-a-service environment end-to-end, users can quickly and easily scale up or down as needs change.

AI is complex; there is no getting around that simple truth.  Be believe that it’s important to jumpstart AI with a proof of concept, quickly test, learn and then deploy at scale.  ViON’s AI Infrastructure as-a-Service provides that capability today.  With the right strategy and the right partner, there is a path to having a high quality, affordable AI solution that is affordable and delivers against your strategic goals.  Learn more about ViON’s complete portfolio of AI solutions at

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