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Mainframe as-a-Service:
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Mainframe as-a-Service Provides Answers to Legacy Mainframe Challenges

ViON’s Mainframe as-a-Service (MFaaS) is a subscription service offering that addresses legacy mainframe challenges and staffing shortages, while providing the scalability and flexible financial model that organizations need to support growth. Mainframe as-a-Service is an alternative that re-orients existing legacy mainframe systems infrastructure – compute, storage and networking – and allows operators to scale mainframe capacity in alignment with their organization’s unique requirements. Mainframe service providers are moving to an as-a-Service model to lower costs and reduce reliance on legacy mainframe systems.


Mainframe as-a-Service helps:

  • Avoid higher maintenance costs and failures caused by aging technology with legacy mainframe hardware
  • Keep pace with mainframe systems modernization while staying within budget and maintaining efficiency
  • Move from CapEx to OpEx by subscribing to mainframe services on a monthly basis— you pay only for the capacity installed and activated
  • Avoid allocating resources and CapEx funds to upgrading mainframe infrastructure, hardware maintenance, support services and negotiating maintenance contracts
  • Ensure compliance and alignment with Cloud First mandates while improving service delivery

Why Choose ViON Mainframe as-a-Service:

MFaaS allows an organization to scale as needed while effectively managing its mainframe budget as a predictable operating expense. ViON’s modernized Mainframe as-a-Service offers a cost-effective alternative to upgrading your mainframe environment. Our unique as-a-Service model provides the expertise and flexibility to deliver:

  • Greater scalability
  • Ease of migration
  • Continuity and reduced downtime
  • Accurate cost projections
  • Expert support
  • Increased performance

ViON offers a unique year-in-service payment reduction program, which lowers the total cost in the out-years to decrease ongoing costs and reduce risks dramatically. Eliminate the hassle of maintaining outdated software and equipment, allowing your employees to maximize productivity.

MFaaS allows organizations to be more flexible and responsive to internal user communities and external stakeholders, overcoming staff and budget constraints and avoiding technological obsolescence.


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