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Object Storage of Unstructured Data for Federal Civilian Agency Solution Brief

Take the First Steps Toward Cloud Enablement

VEC Object Storage-as-a-Service (OSaaS) is a pre-defined, private cloud storage offering comparable to services available in the public cloud. VEC OSaaS is built on a scalable, reliable and secure storage platform to meet most unstructured data storage requirements. Integrating with applications via common internet protocols, Object Storage-as-a-Service is a component of the ViON Enterprise Cloud hybrid, multi-cloud offering, and provides the first step towards cloud enablement. VEC OSaaS addresses multiple use cases, ranging from a backup target to cloud native storage. ViON can also customize configurations to meet unique customer requirements that may not be equivalent to the pre-defined service offerings.

VEC Object Storage-as-a-Service Use Cases:

Backup Target – Replace aging tape systems

  • Faster backups and restores than tape with multiple streams and connectors
  • Cloud ready storage
  • Data integrity and security are assured with encryption and access control
  • Durable data
  • Integrates with most backup solutions via S3 protocol

Cloud Native Storage

  • Scalable storage to Petabyte scale
  • Integrates with cloud native applications
  • Secure authentication and access control policies
  • Fast and easy provisioning of new storage services and buckets
  • Supports applications and end users at cloud scale
  • No latency of getting data out like public cloud providers

Integrated software and hardware

  • Enterprise-ready scale-out file and object storage
  • Unlimited capacity and performance scaling
  • Guaranteed data availability 100%
  • 99.999999999999% (14×9’s) data durability
  • No single point of failure
  • Native data protection and self-healing
  • Data encryption at rest
  • Avg size of objects 100MB
  • Easy to manage

VEC Object – Classes of Service

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