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Object Storage of Unstructured Data for Federal Civilian Agency Solution Brief

What is Object Storage as-a-Service (OSaaS)?

VEC Object Storage-as-a-Service (OSaaS) is a pre-defined, private cloud storage offering comparable to services available in the public cloud. VEC Object Storage as-a-Service (OSaaS) is built on a scalable, reliable and secure storage platform to meet most unstructured data storage requirements. Integrating with applications via common internet protocols, Object Storage-as-a-Service is a component of the ViON Enterprise Cloud hybrid, multi-cloud offering, and provides the first step towards cloud enablement. VEC Object Storage as-a-Service (OSaaS) addresses multiple use cases, ranging from a backup target to cloud native storage. ViON can also customize configurations to meet unique customer requirements that may not be equivalent to the pre-defined service offerings.

How Object Storage as-a-Service (OSaaS) Supports Data Growth

The ideal storage solution supports a wide range of needs with the ability to easily shift from managing hundreds of Terabytes to hundreds of Petabytes of data. Traditional storage options are more rigid in nature, as are traditional means of procuring technology. Object Storage as-a-Service (OSaaS) provides a flexible architecture, as well as a flexible procurement model enabling you to manage data no matter where it lives and keep costs manageable as data grows.

VEC Object Storage-as-a-Service (OSaaS) Use Cases:

Backup Target – Replace aging tape systems

  • Faster backups and restores than tape with multiple streams and connectors
  • Cloud ready storage
  • Data integrity and security are assured with encryption and access control
  • Durable data
  • Integrates with most backup solutions via S3 protocol

Cloud Native Storage

  • Scalable storage to Petabyte scale
  • Integrates with cloud native applications
  • Secure authentication and access control policies
  • Fast and easy provisioning of new storage services and buckets
  • Supports applications and end users at cloud scale
  • No latency of getting data out like public cloud providers

Integrated software and hardware

  • Enterprise-ready scale-out file and object storage
  • Unlimited capacity and performance scaling
  • Guaranteed data availability 100%
  • 99.999999999999% (14×9’s) data durability
  • No single point of failure
  • Native data protection and self-healing
  • Data encryption at rest
  • Avg size of objects 100MB
  • Easy to manage

VEC Object – Classes of Service

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