The tremendous growth in structured and unstructured data is challenging IT organizations with centralized storage, ensuring data security and maximizing the value of data, all while reducing costs and increasing efficiency of their data centers.  ViON has over 35 years of experience in data protection and data management, meeting some of the most stringent requirements of government agencies and private enterprises.  With ViON’s approach, you are not locked in to a single technology or manufacturer, and we can integrate the right solution into existing data center infrastructures, to save time and money.

With ViON Data Management Solutions You Can

  • Centralize storage and data management and increase the accessibility of information from remote offices and mobile workers while protecting business assets
  • Scale archive, back-up and recovery through tiered storage to accommodate the rapid growth of data to ensure data protection and the availability of business information
  • Increase the business value and usability of your data for big data analytics by simplifying and streamlining archive and retrieval 

ViON custom designs our solutions to meet your specific objectives, using industry-leading technologies that can include:

  • Private cloud to centralize storage and provide dynamic, user directed, allocation of IT resources.
  • Object Storage to increase the value of tiered storage, while increasing the knowledge of the data being stored.
  • Leveraging disk cache for superior data management to improve the user experience when accessing deep archive.
  • Energy efficient tape and Optical systems for long-term archiving.

Why ViON for Data Management?

ViON installs, configures, maintains and supports your data management solution through the entire lifecycle, drawing on more than 35 years of success with large-scale IT implementations.

Only ViON brings together years of experience integrating data protection and data management systems into data centers, extensive internal training on these systems and a variety of services to make sure data is secure and accessible. Our goal is to keep you focused on your core business priorities without the distraction of dealing with IT deployment details.

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