ViON Releases DataAdapt Big Data Analytical Platform

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For Big Data Analytics, the DataAdapt Analytical Platform Offers Purpose-Built Solutions that Integrate Compute, Storage, Networking and Software for Performance, Security, Analytical Reporting


HERNDON, Va. – May 12, 2015 – ViON Corporation, a market leader in the design, delivery and maintenance of mission-critical IT infrastructure solutions, today announced the release of its DataAdapt Big Data Analytical Platform.

The new platform offers multiple purpose-built solutions, including three DataAdapt analytic solutions: DataAdapt A1000 Active Insight, DataAdapt A2000 Threat Detect, and DataAdapt A3000 Advanced Analytics, as well as two DataAdapt Security solutions: DataAdapt S1000 Rapid Deploy and DataAdapt S2000 CyberSecure.

ViON’s DataAdapt Analytical Platform is a pre-configured solution that integrates storage, data infrastructure, analytics and a customer portal, all of which combine to offer unrivaled “speed to value.”  With the DataAdapt Analytical Platform, customers can quickly deploy Big Data solutions without having to engage in lengthy and time-consuming design, build, testing, and validation processes, all of which have been done in advance by ViON.

With ViON’s DataAdapt Analytical Platform, public- and private-sector customers can more easily manage, secure, analyze and process large amounts of data to obtain actionable intelligence to help them achieve business or mission objectives.  The versatility of the DataAdapt Analytical Platform allows users to manage structured, semi-structured and unstructured data for rapid analysis and distribution, and ViON’s visualization tools enable analysts to view the full corpus of data from a single dashboard for ease of use and rapid analysis.  Moreover, ViON’s DataAdapt Analytical Platform is compliant with open-source analytic tools to ensure interoperability and facilitate data sharing and it is fully integrated with Revolution® (the world’s most widely used statistics programming language), as well as MapReduce and on-demand processing.

The DataAdapt Analytical Platform includes hardware and software components – from such providers as IBM, Cisco, and L-3 DataTactics – all of which are designed to support data on a massive scale. The platform’s turn-key approach offers substantial cost-avoidance through a pre-configured data platform and flexible architecture.

“The DataAdapt Analytical Platform simplifies the complexity and significantly reduces the time it takes for organizations to recognize the value of Big Data analytics,” said Tom Frana, President and CEO of ViON.  “That’s the power of purpose-built Big Data solutions and it makes us a highly differentiated solution in the Big Data marketplace.”

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