ViON Offers New Mission Optimized Threat Prediction and Prevention Platform

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ViON’s DataAdapt Platform Combines Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Visualization and Modeling, Pre-Optimized to Resolve Entities, Deter Threats and Counter Fraud

HERNDON, Va. – October 27, 2014 – ViON Corporation, a market leader in the design, delivery and maintenance of mission critical IT infrastructure solutions, today announced the launch of its first solution within the DataAdapt Analytics Platform, a system focused on threat prediction and prevention; essential for detecting threats that pose a risk to private and public sector organizations globally.

ViON’s DataAdapt Analytics Platform’s first off the shelf offering combines advanced Big Data analytics, data mining, visualization, and modeling, along with workload-optimized servers, storage, hardware and services that are normally found only in custom enterprise software systems.  The DataAdapt Analytics offering is delivered with the same speed, ease and economy of a traditional turn-key appliance.

ViON’s DataAdapt Analytics offering provides a long list of features focused on threat detection and deterrence, and counter fraud, including the capabilities to:

  • Enable autonomic real-time alerting that checks incoming information or attributes against existing information in a client’s system to uncover clues about persons, organizations or other entities;
  • Allow investigators to analyze patterns of behavior by individuals and job roles to identify activities that may be suspect;
  • Provide “non-obvious relationship awareness” across virtually limitless degrees of separation across all people and companies connected to an organization;
  • Allow for “global name recognition,” including the ability to recognize transliterated name, alternative spellings, and even nicknames;
  • Enable identity analytics and 24/7/365 vigilance; it is perpetually comparing data sets to detect anomalies or threshold risk profiles.

Created in partnership with IBM and others, ViON’s DataAdapt Analytics offering allows users an extraordinary degree of flexibility and simplicity in deployment, value, and situational awareness.  With the on-going addition of new analytics application capabilities from ViON, users can be sure they are utilizing the industry’s most comprehensive, strategic and flexible threat and fraud-analytics systems, while leveraging the power of Big Data to uncover and preempt insider threats before problems occur.

“Insider threats are a fact of the world today, but ViON has developed our turn-key offering to detect and deter them,” said Tom Frana, CEO of ViON. “With our DataAdapt Analytics offering, users can quickly implement an insider threat detection system that is second to none, and it will have the features that are typically associated with costly custom systems.”

“Our federal customers have a well-documented need for these offerings, which combine data analytics from IBM and ease-of-implementation,” said Dermot Murray, Vice President, U.S. Federal Software, IBM.

About ViON Corporation 
ViON Corporation designs, delivers and maintains mission-critical IT infrastructure solutions on an enterprise scale for the military, governments and commercial businesses, while offering the highest level of security available anywhere around the globe. ViON is well known for its cost-effective compute, network and storage capabilities, delivered on premise or through the cloud anywhere on earth. Supported by cleared resources that are highly trained and armed with the industry’s latest certifications and specializations, ViON has a legacy of helping its customers meet business goals and mission objectives, support warfighters and deliver citizen services and drive innovation and business growth. The veteran-owned business is located in Herndon, Virginia with field offices throughout the United States. For more information visit

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