Ascolta and X-IO Technologies Partner to Deliver High-Performance Edge Computing

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Partnership Enables Mission-Driven Solutions for Cyber and Advanced Analytics


HERNDON, Va. – June 13, 2017 – Ascolta, a ViON company focused on advanced analytics, announced today a partnership with X-IO Technologies to provide a powerful edge computing platform that enables real-time performance for complex analytics in demanding environments. The performance, density, compact size and cost efficiency of this solution gives organizations maximum flexibility to support next generation cyber security and intelligence defense.

Ascolta’s enterprise clients require high bandwidth and low latency edge computing platforms. With Axellio™ from X-IO, we meet the requirements of the most challenging environments,” said John Mansfield, Senior Vice President of Strategy for Ascolta.  “Our customers across federal, state, local and commercial markets need to process large volumes of data quickly for mission-critical decisions. Through this offering, we give customers access to a rapidly deployable solution that can meet every demand and give decision-makers greater confidence.”

Ascolta incorporates X-IO’s Axellio platform, which is highly modular with a wide range of

options including two dual CPU servers with up to 88 cores, 2TB of RAM, and 460 TB dual-ported NVMe SSD. One unit with this solution can replace up to 30 units in a traditional platform, thereby dramatically reducing the power and footprint while increasing capacity and performance. This level of performance enables next generation applications where large amounts of sensor-based data inputs must be processed to provide real-time insight, response and actionable intelligence. Ascolta supports the entire customer lifecycle from platform implementation to ongoing managed services.


“X-IO’s Axellio better enables Ascolta to focus on providing customers with mission-driven solutions for cyber and advanced analytics by dramatically accelerating throughput and compute at the edge for all customers with high performance needs,” explained Bill Miller, CEO at X-IO Technologies. “This architecture in a compact size provides significantly decreased time to value and answers customers’ needs for efficiency, scale, and unequaled performance.”


About Ascolta:

Ascolta, a subsidiary of ViON Corporation, is a big data system integrator and service provider specializing in cyber and advanced analytics for enterprise-level customers across public and private sector. Ascolta partners with the industry’s leading manufacturers, providing customized analytics solutions to support data warehouse augmentation, operational analysis, security and intelligence and cyber. With flexible financial models available and the ability to deliver analytics via the Cloud or on/off- premise platforms, Ascolta enables organizations to rapidly deploy analytics with 24/7 support and managed services. The veteran-owned business is located in Herndon, Virginia. For more information, visit


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