MarketScale Software & Technology Podcast with Ed Stockton and Pablo Gomez2020-10-21T12:32:14-04:00

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There’s More to Cloud Computing Than Simply Set It and Forget It

There’s no doubt that cloud computing as a platform and a technology has been rapidly growing and evolving in the past decade. Everything, I mean everything is in the cloud nowadays. But is that growth sustainable?

On this episode of the Software and Technology podcast brought to you by Marketscale, host Sean Heath sought the answer from two experts: Ed Stockton, Vice President of Services and Pablo Gomez, Services Engagement Group Manager, both at ViON. The Virginia-based company implements and manages Infrastructure “as-a-Service” (IaaS) as well as multicloud solutions including private, hybrid, public cloud, and multicloud.

“I don’t think there’s any risk of the cloud computing infrastructure disappearing anytime soon,” Stockton said. “The sustainability of the platform itself is very confident.”

Confidence is good considering the sheer volume of data that cloud platforms are storing.

“We’re creating more data in one year than we’ll have created in the entire history of humankind,” Stockton said.

But that amount of data can lead to cloud sprawl, similar to service sprawl a decade ago. “Whenever people are accessing cloud technologies, it’s very easy to turn systems on, use them, and kind of forget about them,” Gomez said. “When you need another system, you figure it’s really easy so I can turn on another one. Then before you know it if you’re not closely managing your cloud environment, you can have all these machines stood up and the problem is you’re paying for systems and workload that you’re not even really using anymore.”

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