Yes, You Can: Newly Released VMP Opens the Door to Streamlined Video Surveillance

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Companies and organizations struggling with the influx of video surveillance data can breathe a little easier today. Hitachi Data Systems just introduced their Video Management Platform (VMP) and this new solution is making video storage and organization available for everyone. The hardware and software components of the VMP are designed and configured specifically to support video data from a few hundred cameras up to thousands of them simultaneously.  

It’s long been a double-edged sword for many organizations – the benefits and likewise the burdens of managing video. Video consistently demonstrates its value at protecting people and property—and increasingly video surveillance is a key ingredient to enhanced security. At the same time, video surveillance technology is becoming more sophisticated, with higher resolution images and increasingly advanced analytics to help detect threats.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is that increasingly complex technology consumes more compute and storage resources than ever before, straining the capacities of many organizations’ legacy IT systems. This is the inspiration behind Hitachi’s new VMP, which is designed to address the fundamental need for a highly available, robust, converged solution, optimized to perform video processing for large numbers of cameras.  For organizations that want to get up and running quickly with a video surveillance platform that is cost-effective and scalable, VMP simplifies the process from the start. 

In the past, many video infrastructure implementations relied on dedicated servers and direct attached storage; however, those architectures weren’t optimized for video. Without proper design, a system won’t scale adequately, resulting in poor performance.  A failure in any of the components may result in loss of system access or even worse—a loss of data.  

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In contrast, the Hitachi VMP is built from the ground up specifically for high-resolution video surveillance, maximum storage and ease of management. It meets current demands for streaming, recording and organizing massive amounts of video data—and its scalability means the VMP can grow as an organization’s needs change.  The VMP architecture also enables rapid deployments, so organizations can be fully operational in a short time.

Hitachi VMP Fault Tolerant Architecture with No Single Point of Failure:
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The VMP’s overall design balances cost and performance, with primary considerations for high throughput, redundancy and a fault-tolerant architecture that is unmatched in the industry. As a converged appliance using virtualization technology, the VMP is an end-to-end turnkey video compute and storage solution, which optimizes data center space and eliminates to complexities in configuring separate storage, compute and networking. 

The virtualization technology built into VMP allows the solution to scale with the needs of your agency so you don’t need to guess what size system you’ll need in 5 or 10 years.  Finally, the VMP supports all major video management systems, including Milestone, OnSSI, Verint, Qognify, Avigilon, Genetec, and DVTel.  

Click here to learn more about Hitachi VMP or email [email protected] to be contacted by a ViON representative today. 

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