ViON Powers AI Success with NVIDIA and HPE

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Focusing on outcomes through AI-as-a-Service

A technology leader once said that technology is truly elegant when it fades into the background and simply allows the user to achieve. This is true of any technology and is especially true in the scope of artificial intelligence. The ability to focus on outcomes and extract value from data should transcend the hardware and software behind it. For the end user, the “what” is more critical than the “how.” But for IT leaders, it’s the reverse – in order to deliver an elegant AI experience to the end-users, selecting the right technology solution is critical. Commodity hardware will not suffice. AI, machine learning and deep learning demand high capacity, high performance and seamless integration to process massive volumes of data at speed to deliver timely and accurate insights.

ViON® enables an AI solution built on NVIDIA accelerated computing technology that abstracts both the technical and financial barriers, and allows our customers to focus on achieving their AI goals and growing their practice. NVIDIA and HPE offer a new breed of intelligent solutions that can solve highly complex problems quickly, while simplifying IT management and reducing time to insight. Both companies are recognized for engineering excellence, providing a quality experience, whether it’s edge computing, in the data center or in the cloud computing for HPC or AI and data science. According to Steve Conway, SVP for Research at Hyperion Research, “HPE’s enhanced collaboration with NVIDIA for deep learning and comprehensive infrastructure capabilities, from the core data center to the intelligent edge, aims to use automated intelligence to enable real-time insights for customers.”

AI workloads demand maximum performance. The NVIDIA DGX A100 is a universal system that accelerates data science workflow with unprecedented compute density, performance, and flexibility in a first-of-its-kind 5-petaFLOPS AI system. Featuring eight highly advanced NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs as well as NVIDIA networking, the NVIDIA DGX A100 enables enterprises to consolidate training, inference, and analytics into a unified, easy-to-deploy AI infrastructure. To round out the AI technology stack, NVIDIA GPUs are paired with HPE ProLiant servers that are engineered to meet AI data and workload requirements for ingesting new data and inferring insights based on trained models. The HPE ProLiant is designed to run inferencing and provides throughput and latency for quick responses. NVIDIA and HPE have created advanced system architectures that provide powerful processing capabilities outside the reach of standard CPUs.

Many organizations are stifled by the cost and complexity of implementing sophisticated AI infrastructure and this is where VION completes the solution, with an AI as-a-Service financial model that delivers the exact technology our customers demand with the expertise to seamlessly integrate it within their data centers. ViON’s AI IaaS model allows IT organizations to dynamically order and use IT infrastructure as needed, scaling usage up or down to align with unique requirements. Partnering with HPE, we provide the expertise to architect, implement and manage one of the most powerful AI technology solutions in the industry.

AI capabilities continue to evolve and grow and having the technology to power this growth is essential in order to maximize investments and get the most out of it. Working with partners that understand the dynamic of focusing on outcomes is critical when your goal is accelerating value from all of your data, using AI to create new experiences, drive smarter operations, and breakthrough innovation. ViON, working with NVIDIA and HPE, has the right combination of technology, resources, services and financial flexibility to keep our customers focused on the outcomes, while we focus on ensuring their success. Join as at NVIDIA GTC21 to learn more about how AI Infrastructure as-a-Service can accelerate your AI program!

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