Navy Day 2017: A Celebration of a rich history and the innovation that’s on deck

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Celebrating Navy Day October 27 (Theodore Roosevelt’s birthday) has always been a way to honor the past contributions of the Navy. However, this year as we look at the strategic vision for the Navy and our armed forces as it relates to IT, we not only celebrate the past but also the innovative thinking that’s driving future success.

Across the military there is attention on key elements of the operation, much like a business, that are important to protecting and serving the mission such as:

  • Optimizing the organization, operations and workforce
  • Accelerating and streamlining delivery
  • Driving cyber resiliency

The emphasis seen here is on “digitizing” and positioning the Navy as a technical expert, being cyber-ready and resilient. It all comes back to the overarching push to modernize IT as means to drive the mission. Though IT may be only one element of the equation, its impact is seen across every aspect of the safety, purpose and future success within the organization. The full Navy story sets its sites on a culture of innovation that continually drives toward what’s next.

Shifting from Traditional to Emerging Procurement Paths
Traditional models for acquiring advanced technology have often counteracted the very goal of advancing by drawing out the process of “buying a box” to the point where the technology was outdated before it could even be installed. The Navy of the future is nimble and “resilient” – therefore requiring a more flexible approach to acquisition. In 2017, advancing the modern mission means modernizing IT through an as-a-Service model, which enables fast access to technology in a cost-effective and scalable means that guarantees no one is left behind with obsolete IT.

Fighting on Every Battlefield
This IT modernization model enables something much greater than a simplified process and budget-friendly approach – it allows organizations like the Navy to fight the ever-growing cyber battle with the right tools to do the job. Fast, state of the art, solid infrastructure is the only way to stay ahead of the many enemies we cannot see that pose a threat to our nation’s interests every day.

Because the Navy and all our military branches are retooling the path to innovation and creating the path for rapid response, we can rest at ease – even though they never do.

ViON is proud to support our military and warfighters on the path to modernization, making it our mission to enable them to deliver on theirs.

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