It’s Going to Be Hot in Orlando in June & Oracle DBAs Have A Lot to Look Forward to at KScope

It’s Going to Be Hot in Orlando in June & Oracle DBAs Have A Lot to Look Forward to at KScope

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  • New Oracle DBA Topics – Gain Industry Buzz
  • Oracle Database 18c and Autonomous Database Ignite Fear in Many DBAs
  • DBA and Application Developers Find New Friendships through Paradigm Shifts
  • Role Play Shows Collaboration Between Developers and DBA Has Happy Ending
  • Metrics Find More Results than “Gut Feelings”

It’s been a busy month since my last blog post, after presenting at COLLABORATE18 in Las Vegas and then at the British Columbia Oracle User Group (BCOUG) first-ever Tech Day in Vancouver. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my current topics – Database In-Memory enhancements, database options for the Oracle Public Cloud, and the latest database release’s capabilities for accessing data directly from JSON, HDFS, and HIVE formats – resonated with the Oracle DBAs and application developers that attended my sessions.

I spent quite a bit of time conferring with my fellow Oracle ACE Directors on what they felt were the implications of the latest newest features of Oracle Database 18c, especially the abject fears that many DBAs seemed to exhibit about the Autonomous Database and the possibility of that new feature set to eliminate their current jobs. As I mentioned last time, the role of the traditional DBA (or as I call it, DBA 2.0) is slowly but surely being transformed into what I refer to as DBA 3.0, or Data Enterprise Architect (DEA).

Times are Changing for the DBA and Application Developers, Collaboration Seen as Necessity

Our consensus is that this paradigm shift is well underway, and anyone who wants to make that transition had better start paying attention to the cadre of developers (s)he supports. Interestingly, the attendance at my presentations has lately included a lot more application developers than in the past, which I believe underlies a shift by developers to try to understand these latest features as well as get inside the head of their organization’s DBAs. It’s an enlivening, positive trend, and one that the Oracle DBA community should welcome with open arms.

The trend was highlighted by an imaginative presentation at BCOUG that featured two Oracle superstars – Gerald Venzl and Maria Colgan – as respective developer and DBA in an exchange called IT Wars. Gerald played Han Solo, and Maria channeled Princess Leia; their proverbial Death Star – in this case, a DevOps rapid-development effort to create a small but crucial new application – was defeated through their collaborative teamwork.

If You are not First, You are Last, Upcoming Events to Pay Attention to (We Really Mean Show Up)!

I’m getting ready for my next set of presentations at the 2018 Great Lakes Oracle Conference (GLOC18) in Cleveland, Ohio on May 16-17. I’ll be talking about how to choose the right Oracle Public Cloud (OPC) database environments when you’re getting ready to evaluate – or, better yet, implement! – an OPC database. And I’ll also demonstrate how easy it is for an Oracle DBA to make a mistake when he/she “goes with her gut” while trying to solve a performance issue, and why metrics are the solution to avoiding the resulting indigestion. And don’t miss our social event that our colleagues at Viscosity NA are co-sponsoring – we are planning some special entertainment to enliven the evening, so I hope to see you there.

And if you’re going to join us at KSCOPE18 in Orlando, Florida on June 10-14 – another one of the premier Oracle conferences this year that ViON is sponsoring – I’ll be presenting twice, so keep an eye out for my tweets on my presentation schedule by following me on Twitter (@JimTheWhyGuy). I’ll be reporting what I experienced at GLOC18 and KSCOPE18 in my next blog post.

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