In the Face of a Pandemic – Who is Listening?

2020-06-29T13:20:34-04:00June 29th, 2020|Blog|

Tab Content ImageThe technology industry is dynamic – its’ continuous innovation is expected. We have seen large shifts in the marketplace, but never as seismic as the COVID 19 World Pandemic. With over 40 years of experience, ViON has been in the thick of many of these challenges, standing alongside our customers and technology partners to help our customers navigate uncertain environments and not just survive, but thrive. The only way we can do this successfully, is to listen to our customers and pay attention to their rapidly changing needs. As the pandemic leaves its mark on the world, now more than ever it is time to listen first.  We have always believed in building strong relationships which leads to long-lasting business partnerships. Today, we find that our partnerships are critical to fighting this battle.

The Importance of Human Focus

In this time of uncertainty, hearing from our customers about how their organization and personnel are doing has been critical. Knowing the challenges people face day to day helps us to determine what technology can support their agency mission.  Many of our government clients have been customers for a very long time and before we can help with a system upgrade or a change in configuration or a Cloud migration, we must understand that these times are unprecedented. The normal flow of strategic IT initiatives has shifted to focus on supporting mission critical requirements.

How Mission Drives Action

What Else Can We Do For You? This is the question we’ve engrained into our culture. We continually ask customers how we can best be of service and help them tackle challenges – even global pandemic-sized challenges. IT Modernization has enabled many organizations to move forward supporting a remote workforce, critical citizen services and essential mission requirements. ViON uses our available resources to address customer requirements in service to our country and its citizens.

When organizations hire ViON, we adopt their mission and share the customers’ commitment to do whatever it takes to accomplish that mission. It’s not about profit, it’s about partnership.

What Does Customer Intimacy Mean Today?

One of our customers recently experienced a national emergency by having to stand up a loan program in days, not weeks, months or years. Our team immediately responded, supporting upgrades to technology within 36 hours which supported their IT Modernization roadmap. It was all hands-on deck, working with government and industry partners to ensure the agency could support its citizens at a time when it matters most. This is our philosophy in action – it’s in our DNA.

This example defines what we mean by “customer intimacy.” ViON strives to be the kind of technology provider that can satisfy the customer’s needs quickly and effectively, which means creating a culture of listening first and being willing to respond, no matter the request. We’ve embraced that and it’s made all the difference in our 40 years in the government IT community.

Why Listening Leads to Modernization

Today we find ourselves on the cusp of yet another historic change. Government and industry working hand in hand to address the needs to accelerate IT modernization, increasing telework capabilities, Cloud services and digital transformation. We have done well as an IT community to support government continuity of operations, open communications, and a vision for all the things we can accomplish together.

Our customer intimacy focus has remained strong and will continue to be the priority as we navigate this pandemic. It has always been a catalyst for innovation – great things happen when we are willing to listen first and taking action together.

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