ACCENT Contract Transforming What DIY Means to the Army

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In his recent article for SIGNAL magazine, “Army Accentuates Cloud Computing” George Seffers calls out the “Do IT Yourself”(DIY) culture that has permeated the Army for generations, and what that means for technology. Depending on your past experiences, you are either thinking “DIY – that’s awesome!” or “DIY – that’s trouble!” Fortunately for the Army, DIY here means “awesome” but with a bit of a twist.

As-a-Service Model Provides Flexibility for DIY Culture
The Army Cloud Computing Enterprise Transformation (ACCENT) contract is the first vehicle to provide access to a wide range of cloud services, authorized by the DoD. This as-a-Service contract includes:

  • Infrastructure
  • Platform
  • Software

This allows for on-premise and off-premise cloud computing as well as public, private and hybrid community cloud environments. ViON is proud to be a part of the ACCENT contract, which provides cloud services for:

  • Hosting
  • Deployment
  • Transformation
  • Migration
  • Enablement
  • Security
  • Compliance

ACCENT allows the Army to solve their modernization challenges by acquiring exactly what they need on a consumption basis without up-front investment. This allows them to shift their DIY focus from building their own cloud environment, to initiatives that directly advance their mission.

ACCENT Speeds Up Modernization & Data Management
Johanna Curry, a project officer within the Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems describes it like this: “The Army has a do-it-yourself culture. Using cloud capabilities speeds time for development and for fielding of application products and services. When you don’t have to worry about configuring hardware and configuring development platforms – because those are services provided by the environment – you can rapidly improve those data and services.”

DIY doesn’t mean the Army is going in alone to build their cloud. With ACCENT they can actually focus on leveraging data and technology for strategic purposes while building new capabilities to harness that data. See how ViON is delivering as-a-Service solutions for DoD, how we are providing services and support for ACCENT and how the ViON MarketPlace is delivering Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) solutions faster, easier and with greater control than ever.

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