OracleAs an Oracle Gold partner, ViON’s numerous certifications and specializations for Oracle technology provide our customers with the expertise to make the most intelligent decisions to tackle their IT Modernization challenges.  Today, IT buyers often struggle to keep pace with hardware requirements, applications and software in a cloud environment, and the costs of hardware upgrades can be prohibitive.

ViON offers Oracle hardware under our Infrastructure as-a-Service (IaaS) model allowing IT organizations to dynamically upgrade and order new Oracle hardware, scaling usage up or down to align with unique requirements. Customers can choose Oracle hardware for on- or off-premises implementations to be upgraded or delivered with an flexible financial model.

ViON’s as-a-Service offering is specifically aligned to ultimately modernize Oracle infrastructure, control the management of the hardware and treat the upgrade as an operating expense; no capital is required. This CapEx vs. OpEx model has been at the forefront of ViON’s IaaS offering for over 17 years.

This provides a compelling alternative for organizations that are contemplating a migration to a Private Cloud model to defer entry costs of Oracle enterprise systems like SPARC SuperCluster, SPARC T-7 and M7 servers, Private Cloud Machine, and Exadata Database Machine.

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