FujitsuFujitsu delivers total solutions in the field of information and communication technology. Along with multifaceted services provision, their comprehensive business encompasses the development, manufacture, sales and maintenance of the cutting-edge, high-quality products and electronic devices that make these services possible.

Fujitsu offers system products such as servers and storage systems which form the backbone of information systems, along with network products such as mobile phone base stations, optical transmission systems, and other communications infrastructures. Fujitsu has a broad lineup of offerings to meet the needs of customers around the world. These include sophisticated and highly reliable mainframe and UNIX servers that support the backbone systems of corporations and that are equipped with proprietary CPUs—Fujitsu being one of the few global ICT companies with the technology to make its own processor chips. Fujitsu also provides x86 servers for cloud computing and other promising business areas, as well as storage systems able to hold increasingly vast amounts of data.

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