CloudBolt is the leading cloud management platform for the enterprise. Deployed in minutes, CloudBolt helps IT unify orchestration and automate provisioning of their hybrid cloud resources—quickly, cost-effectively, and securely—while providing developers with anywhere, anytime access to those resources through a self-service catalog. The CloudBolt platform consists of the following capabilities:

  • Single pane of glass–so IT can visualize, orchestrate, and manage hybrid clouds without logging into multiple, disparate portals
  • Orchestration blueprints–so enables IT can automate resource provisioning–repeatably–that controls for cloud cost and ensures compliance
  • Self-service catalog–so developers can access cloud-based resources (e.g., VMs, workloads, XaaS) without needing to submit an IT ticket
  • Extensible plug-in architecture—so IT can accelerate their hybrid cloud strategy by allowing CloudBolt to easily integrate with an enterprise’s existing technologies including DevOps tools, IaC tools, container orchestrators, and much more

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