AxellioAxellio Inc. is a leading innovator in all NVMe Flash Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) and Edge Computing systems uniquely designed to run tier 1 storage-intensive workloads.  As a spin-off of X-IO Technologies, Axellio carries with it a legacy of twenty years of innovation in enterprise IT infrastructure systems and solutions providing the highest reliability, quality, service standards, and system performance enterprise infrastructure.

Axellio delivers computing platforms built with its advanced FabricExpress (FX) architecture to deliver superior performance, economics, capacity, scalability, space and power utilization, and flexibility. Axellio’s FX design enables organizations to shift data intensive tier 1, performance critical applications and workloads that previously required large infrastructures deployed in big, expensive data centers to modern, efficient, simple to manage and scale in a HCI solution with seamless cloud integration, Edge MicroCloud, or Edge MicroDataCenter solution design – for faster response times and greater operational efficiency. Take Axellio to remote small distributed edge locations, take your simplicity on-premises to a whole new level, or greatly reduce your space and power in a co-lo. No matter your organizational goal – if storage density, performance and flexibility help to drive that goal – Axellio has a platform to help you exceed expectations.

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