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Data Center Migration Services

ViON Data Center Migration Services are designed to seamlessly move data and applications between infrastructure, data centers and the Cloud with no impact to operations. Our experts work as an extension of our customer’s team to remove the migration burden, allowing them to focus on day-to-day operations. We have experience in migrating infrastructure platforms from small environments of 50 gigabytes of data for a hundred users up to enterprise environments supporting petabytes of data and thousands of users. Working alongside our customers we ensure a smooth transition by utilizing a DevOps environment and agile methodologies to identify and address potential issues.

Cloud Readiness Assessment Services

ViON Cloud Readiness Assessments™ can help migrate applications and workloads to the cloud, determine optimal configurations for cloud deployments and accurately estimate costs for the cloud.

With the ViON Services Cloud Readiness Assessment, customers can know before they go. ViON delivers a unique ability to assess targeted applications and systems to determine which cloud provider is best for our customer’s applications, how to optimally configure systems in the cloud and how to estimate costs for running those systems in the cloud, all prior to performing any migrations.

ViON Cloud Readiness Assessment Services are delivered in three phases to help plan cloud migrations:

  1. Discovery Phase:  Within the Discovery Phase, ViON Data Center Migration Services discovers IT assets, workload characteristics, and dependencies between compute, networking and storage environments
  2. Profiling Phase:  Within the Profiling Phase, ViON Services consolidates workloads into profiles that will identify and build optimal cloud configurations
  3. Playback Phase:  Within the Playback Phase, ViON Services uses synthetic workloads to simulate optimal performance and cost configurations in the cloud

ViON Cloud Readiness Assessment Services provides visibility and insight, before shifting workloads to the cloud to help eliminate risk and ensure a successful cloud migration.

Cloud Migration Services

ViON Migration Services provides the tools, technology and people to mitigate complexity, increase efficiency, improve processes and lower the costs of moving data and applications from one technology to another. We have a long history of orchestrating complex, large scale migrations for heavily regulated sectors like the federal government, healthcare and financial services. Let ViON and our partners help you with your next migration project.


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