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ViON Forever Data Cloud Solution Brief

Data Management Solutions for AI

The ViON Forever Data Cloud is an on-prem private cloud solution that addresses the growing need to access historical (cold) as well as current (warm) data for applications like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL), Machine Learning (ML), High Performance Computing (HPC) and Advanced Analytics.

ViON’s Forever Data Cloud enables organizations to access current and historical data quickly, easily and economically through a policy manager that bridges the gap between data storage tiers including block, file, object and tape, while delivering a public cloud experience with on-prem infrastructure. Users get the benefits of as-a-Service pricing in a consumption-based OpEx model, without data egress charges common with the public cloud. Eliminate the upfront CapEx charges of traditional IT procurement and surprise costs of public cloud. The ViON Forever Data Cloud delivers benefits that include:

  • Storage resource matches data requirements
  • Data is automatically tiered via policies
  • Users have access to all data across tiers
  • Fast search capabilities across all tiers
  • Industry-Best Perimeter Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Archive Scanner for secure DR
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Balancing data growth, retention, security and analytics is becoming increasingly complex. The ViON Forever Data Cloud provides a strategic approach to managing data long term in a simple, reliable and cost-effective solution.


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