The rapid growth of unstructured data is providing organizations with insights through Big Data analytics. Along with these benefits of these valuable insights comes the challenge of managing where the massive volumes of data are stored. ViON’s software defined storage solutions are scaling storage virtualization to new levels, extending data management, protection and reliability to older storage arrays. The software defined storage controllers from EMC, HDS and IBM are helping customers maximize capacity and the lifespan of their existing storage hardware.

With ViON Software Defined Storage Solutions you can:

  • Improve storage capability , economics and flexibility with sophisticated virtualization
  • Enhance performance, reclaims capacity and simplifies storage provisioning
  • Enable storage volumes to span local and remote physical storage systems

ViON partners with leaders in traditional disk-based storage, flash storage and storage virtualization to deliver a solution that helps IT organizations virtualize, simplify and reduce costs

Hitachi Unified Storage VM Storage Virtualization System

Drive Maximum Utilization and Reduce Storage Costs
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Why ViON for Software Defined Storage

ViON has over 35 years of experience architecting complex data center solutions for all types of customers.

Our solutions are designed to protect our customers data, maximize efficiency and improve resiliency and agility. Our team of solutions architects and engineers will help design a backup solution that is right for your organization. We partner with industry leading vendors of hardware and software to make sure your information is where you need it, when you need it.

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