ViON’s experience with solid-state storage dates back nearly 10 years to delivering DRAM systems deployed in support of digital signal processing in the federal marketplace. ViON provides best of market solutions from leaders in the flash marketplace. Whether you are seeking Server-Side deployments, Hybrid or All-Flash Arrays or Flash as a service, ViON has the correct solution to solve your business problem.

With ViON Flash Solutions you can:

  • Be confident ViON’s experts will help you Identify the right Flash Storage solution for your immediate and long-term goals including as a service offerings
  • Manage complex decision making in migrating from one technology to another or add onto your existing flash storage
  • Choose the flash provider that is best for your business needs through ViON’s intimate engagement with top tier Flash providers

Choosing the correct architecture and deployment model for flash directly depends on your use case. Application acceleration deployed at the server benefits certain use cases, while a shared architecture provides a different set of benefits. ViON helps you make the right choice for your given use case, ensuring maximum value and benefit to your business. Use cases that could benefit from flash storage include Database Workloads, Virtual Desktops, Virtualized Applications, Analytics and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP).

ViON’s flash solutions are:

All Flash Array

Hybrid Flash Array


Why ViON for Flash

ViON partners with industry leaders to deliver a unique and varied Flash Portfolio for our Clients.

For the past couple years, the IT world has been buzzing about the myriad of possibilities in Flash storage. Many unclear about what this technology will mean for the industry. Now these possibilities are coming to fruition. Today’s Flash can beat the performance and capacity of traditional disk drives, and it enables architectures that would not be possible otherwise.

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