Not all data is created equal and the value of data can change over time – the information that was valuable today, may be less important tomorrow. Over time, the priority of information can increase or decrease in the modern data center. Based upon that value, your data requires different levels of availability, protection and security. For today’s enterprise, implementing data storage strategies can be complicated and if not executed properly, costly. ViON understands the complexity of balancing efficiency and performance with availability, reliability and sustainability, and we have over 35 years of experience in providing complex solutions to meet demanding SLAs.

With ViON Enterprise Storage Solutions, you can:

  • Increase storage efficiency, simplify data center management and reduce costs
  • Enhance storage performance and reduce downtime
  • Modernize primary storage in data center with Flash storage

ViON partners with leading providers of disk based storage arrays and flash storage to develop a solution that is right for you.

Why ViON for Enterprise Storage

ViON partners with industry leading storage providers to deliver high performance solutions delivered on or off premise, in a hybrid or hosted model.

Our flexible storage solutions and years of customer focused expertise enable us to provide our customers with enterprise ready storage, advanced global storage virtualization and efficient, scalable, high-performance hardware.

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