The ViON Team

Team Overview

ViON is a data management solutions and hardware provider with over 33 years of experience supporting federal, Department of Defense (DoD), state, local, and education markets.  We work in the highest levels of Enterprise data center missions as well as tactical edge solutions such as intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems for the war fighter.  ViON offers storage, servers, and switching solutions from all major manufacturers in the industry.  Of note, ViON is the largest integrator of Hitachi Data Systems (Hitachi) in the federal government, the second largest integrator of IBM, and the most certified integrator of Network Appliances (NetApp) solutions in North America. 

ViON’s cadres of engineers work to develop, deliver, install, integrate, and maintain infrastructure to our customers.  Over 75 percent of our engineers hold TS/SCI level DoD clearances and each has undergone rigorous training given by our supplier manufacturers.  Our teams of Systems Engineers (SE) have developed some of the most cutting edge solutions for our customers.  Additionally, our customers are supported by the ViON Solution Center 24x7x365.  It is based in multiple locations in the U.S. and is staffed by TS/SCI industry specialists.  We offer secure rapid response of our solutions utilizing our SCIF capabilities.  Our file and content division has solutions that enable our customers to understand the data presently stored, whether it is structured or unstructured, and develop solutions that migrate, back up, and tier the data in the most efficient and effective manner.

ViON delivers hardware solutions through performance-based Firm Fixed Price (FFP) contracts under traditional procurement models, as well as under our unique Capacity Services construct.  This latter model is an acquisition strategy that aligns information technology (IT) architecture precisely to the mission it supports, with no unused capacity and the ability to flex both up and down without penalty.  This is not a lease which locks the customer into a price per month; rather, it is a pay-for-what-you-need model, with built-in elasticity without penalties.  Under this model, ViON currently holds the largest single award contract providing the IT foundation to 23 Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Enterprise Computing Centers (DECCs) with operations in Bahrain, Europe, the continental United States, Hawaii, and Korea.  ViON has been delivering hardware/engineering Capacity Services solutions for over 11 years and has nine (9) ongoing contracts through this model.  This is not a lease, which in turn, differentiates ViON from other companies that offer managed services for IT.

Additionally, ViON is well versed in sensitive mission support, as we integrate and maintain hardware solutions across DoD and intelligence communities.  ViON has conducted data center consolidation, backup, disaster recovery (DR), continuity of operations (COOP), cloud enabling solutions, file and content solutions, and more.  Each of these areas is ongoing throughout our federal, state, local, and education business units.

ViON has established a team of small businesses which are leaders in their respective regions, functional areas, and disparate markets.  This includes data analytical software development companies like Zapata Technology and Data Tactics, who have worked on some of the most intense Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems within DOD, including various cloud initiatives.

Centuria provides full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), engineering and scientific services, hardware/software systems and systems integration, and data management.

Data Tactics provides data architecture, data engineering, data management, and data analytics.

LATG provides project management, software engineering, database administration, systems administration and engineering, information assurance (IA), configuration management, technical writing, and IT subject matter experts with top secret clearances.

GovSG supports the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) Atlantic, Pacific, HQ, and their customers including NAVAIR, NAVSEA, NAVSUP, TRANSCOM, and DISA.  GovSG has demonstrated experience in IA, networking, system-of-systems integration, core services development, cloud computing, Enterprise services, data center operations, engineering and architectural design, and software open source development.  GovSG brings experienced and certified engineers in the areas of design, development, testing, engineering, deployment of security standards, open standards, service oriented architecture, agile development methodologies, IA, and network architecture.  

Zapata Technology provides software services, systems administration, database administration, SAN administration, and computer programming.


Team Experience

  • ViON
    • Program Name: Knowledge System Prototype (KSP)

      Contract #: MDA904-03-C-1457, Contract Type: FFP, Total Contract Cost: 8,488,844.00 Description of work performed:  ViON supported the development of the KSP:  a scientific and analytical capability that used ontological theory and link analysis.  The concept of pattern matching was performed to validate, beyond a reasonable doubt, an entities identity.  ViON's role in this program was the assessment of the system and subsystem components and the requirements definition needed by the application to perform war fighting capabilities. The KSP was a leading edge technology development of its time.

    • Program Name: Distributed Common Ground Systems – Army (DCGS-A)

      Contract #: P001-0041-040-318-1, W91QUZ07D0009YJ01, DAAB07-02-D-P001, W911W409C0010, DAAB07-02-D-P002, W91QUZ07D00091N10, S3LM00240543432, W91QUZ07D0009YJ10, Contract Type: Fixed Price, Total Contract Cost: $8.5 Million Description of work performed: ViON served as the lead integrator for global DCGS-A systems that provide critical analytic and data sharing capabilities for processing, exploitation, and dissemination of critical intelligence information to constrained battlefield locations.

    • Program Name: Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Enterprise Storage Services (ESS)

      Contract #: HC1013-07-D-2009, Contract Type: IDIQ, Total Contract Cost: $700M Ceiling Description of work performed:  ViON is prime contractor on Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) ESS contract.  We provide a robust, cost-effective, tiered hardware and software storage infrastructure to facilitate DISA’s ongoing Enterprise-wide data center and IT service consolidation efforts.  Our service decreased DISA’s storage costs by 50% over 4 years.

  • Centuria Corporation
    • GS-06F-0541Z is the contract number for our VETS vehicle, and the NEXRAD Past Performance Task Order (MSITS) number is GD139ROC8A. The customer information: James M. Williams/COTR, (405)573-3498, [email protected]
  • Data Tactics Corporation
    • Army CERDEC I2WD - I2WD BAA 2009 (DARPA Projects Engineering Support)
      Contract # W15P7T-10-C-A628
      Prime: Data Tactics Corporation
      Completion Date: 8/22/2012
      Contract Value: $24.8M
      Contracting Officer’s Representative: Kesney Parent
      Telephone: (443) 861-0765
      Email: [email protected]
    • DARPA/RDECOM - Next-Generation Multi-Modal Analysis for Counterinsurgency
      Prime: Data Tactics Corporation
      Contract # W911QX-12-C-0059
      Completion Date: In progress - 6/20/2014
      Contract Value: $9.7M
      Contracting Officer’s Representative: Sherrie Blackmon
      Telephone: (407) 384-5499
      [email protected]
  • Cameron Bell Corporation d/b/a Gov Solutions Group
    • N00178-05-D-4620 (Seaport-e Prime Contract)
      Delivery Orders:
      V701/V703 (Navy ERP Sustainment)
      COR: Michael G. Steinback
      NS02 (Information Assurance)
      COR: Scott Henderson
      (619) 524-3245
  • Louisiana Technology Group Inc.
    • SPAWAR New Orleans, LA: Integration Engineering for Shared Services –
      (Data Center consolidation efforts) – Prime –
      2008 to 2010
      Contract/Task Order Number:
      N69250-08-F-0154 + N69250-09-F-L050 (Continuation Bridge)
      Cheryl F. Bruza, Supervisor, Contract Specialist
      [email protected]
      (504) 697-1302
    • SPAWAR New Orleans, LA: Business, Operation and Administration Support Services (BOASS) contract.
      Subcontractor to System Integration & Management (SIM)
      Contract/Task Order Number: N00039-04-D-2021
      Mike Waters, PMP - Program Manager, SIM Inc BOASS
      Site 504-697-1342
      [email protected]
    • SPAWAR New Orleans, LA: Navy Standard Integration Personnel System (NSIPS).
      Subcontractor to Lockheed Martin.
      Contract/Task Order Number:
      Encore II/HC1038-08 d
      Jessica Hughes, Project Manager
      (504) 697-5337
      [email protected]
  • Zapata Technology
    • SAIC P010077939 Mike Eitel phone #011-5399-9812
      ManTech W15P7T-06-D-E403/TO54
      Dave Boyer
      (410) 273-1734

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