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NAVWAR awarded a Capacity as a Service (CaaS) Contract to ViON in March 2017.  This 7-year contract provides CaaS to NAVWAR System Center Headquarters (SSC-HQ), NAVWAR System Center Pacific (SSC-PAC), and NAVWAR System Center Atlantic (SSC-LANT).  Under this contract, ViON is the service provider of the CaaS program, supporting NAVWAR mission by accelerating the deployment of infrastructure technology through a flexible acquisition model.


Contract Detail

Contract Number:  N00039-17-D-0003


ViON’s points of contact:

Ryan Heath
USN/USMC Account Manager
[email protected]
(571) 353-6081 (office)
(410) 591-4254 (cell)

Joe Jesser
USN/USMC Account Manager
[email protected]
(619) 301-5959 (cell)


NAVWAR CaaS Contract Overview
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