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Transforming the Data Center with AI Intelligent Systems Powered by NVIDIA

NVIDIA pioneered accelerated computing to solve problems that normal computers cannot solve. The approach is broadly recognized as the way to advance computing as Moore’s law ends and AI lifts off. NVIDIA’s platform is installed in several hundred million computers, is available in every cloud and from every server maker, powers 136 of the TOP500 supercomputers, and boasts 1.6 million developers.

Deep learning relies on GPU acceleration, both for training and inference. With the latest breakthroughs in natural language and image understanding, AI is learning the code of human knowledge. NVIDIA delivers the world’s fastest supercomputers to support critical applications such as:

Language Understanding

Use Case: Deep Learning Speech Enhancement with BabbleLabs


Changing the Approach to Data from Storage to AI

Today’s enterprise needs a platform that can help embrace AI-powered transformation to thrive in challenging times. NVIDIA DGX A100 delivers breakthrough computing performance while enabling organizations to unify previously siloed resources that were optimized for single AI workload types.

NVIDIA AI at Scale InfographicInfographic: NVIDIA AI at Scale



NVIDIA DGX A100 DataSheetDatasheet: NVIDIA DGX A100




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