Friday, 13 November, 2009

ViON provides 100 Terabyte eFlash Memory-Based Solid State System – World’s largest

ViON sells the “Tower Of Power,” a configuration of HyperStor 6200 eFlash RAM-based storage system – the largest RAM-disk in the world

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 13, 2009 – ViON Corporation, located in Washington, DC, today announced that it has completed a sale of a 100 terabyte array of its HyperStor-6200 SSD solution to a customer. This system provides the lowest cost for performance, the highest density, and the lowest latency eFlash storage solution on the market. The HyperStor 6200, as ordered, services more than 5,000,000 I/Os per second and 60 GB per second of bandwidth. 
This installation is believed to provide the largest RAM-based storage system in the world. 


Solid state disk systems are used by large enterprise, government, military, and research organizations to accelerate their most critical applications. Larger and faster systems support more transactions and users with fewer servers and licenses making precious resources more productive. As such, the HyperStor 6200 is more cost-effective than other performance augmentation solutions such as adding large hard-disk based systems, server-based RAM, or expensive and complicated application tuning. The eFlash-based HyperStor 6200 offers dramatically greater capacities, lower costs, and power consumption than was previously available. 


This sale demonstrates ViON’s continued leadership in deploying enterprise eFlash solid state disk solutions. While ViON has been known as an advanced computing and storage solutions company for almost 30 years, this sale shows that ViON is a force to be reckoned with in the Enterprise Flash market Mike Jones, the Vice President of the ViON Corporation put it succinctly, “We are excited about our continuing leadership in the industry, combining the technology of our partners Hitachi Data Systems and Texas Memory Systems, and the multi-decade experience and of our sales and engineering staffs to provide only the most reliable, high preforming systems available."


In this case the groundbreaking HyperStor 6200 solid state disk system provides 100 terabytes of ECC and RAID-protected eFlash memory. It delivers more than 5,000,000 random read IOPS at roughly .52 ms average response time and as much as 60 gigabytes per second of read or write bandwidth using either Fibre Channel or InfiniBand interfaces. The low latency design and protected use of eFlash in the HyperStor 6200 results in a system that is balanced, optimized for 
critical enterprise, research, and government applications, including large OLTP systems or data warehouses, real-time video on demand, graphic rendering, geospatial analysis, seismic processing, and high-speed data acquisition. 


The five (5) million IOPS eFlash memory-based HyperStor 6200 is available today.


For more information visit:\hyperstor. 

Notes to editors: 

About ViON 
Since 1980, ViON has provided their government customers with only the most reliable, most advanced Information Technology solutions available. ViON is a Vietnam-era veteran owned business and has operated from the same location in Washington, DC for almost 30 years. Contact ViON at [email protected] 


About Hitachi Data Systems 
Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) is a division of Hitachi Ltd., a world-wide manufacturing conglomerate, located in many countries around the world. With more than $80 Billion in annual revenues, Hitachi is a leader in Information Technology, providing systems storage and other aspects of IT. 

About Texas Memory Systems 

Texas Memory Systems (TMS) was founded in 1978. TMS designs and builds RAM-based products and is the market leader in solid state storage systems. Its award-winning Ram-based storage products have been shipping for many years. 




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