ViON’s consulting services range from assessments that review your infrastructure performance and opportunities, to bandwidth and data analysis that help you avoid risks and pitfalls in your systems. We can help you fully understand the capabilities of your current technology. We can also provide sound business and technical insights to help you make the right technology decisions going forward. Whatever the service, you can count on ViON Professional Services experts to apply their industry-leading experience and best practices to your unique challenges.

Key Consulting Offerings

  • Data Center Infrastructure Assessment
  • Data Protection Planning
  • Network Bandwidth Analysis
  • Data Migration Assessment
  • Cloud & Virtualization Roadmap

Deployment Services

ViON Deployment services install, test and successfully accelerate the implementation of your technology, then transition and integrate it to achieve your desired outcome.

Our Professional Services experts will help you implement the best approach for your needs, whether it is optimizing IT processes or deploying in a new environment. We help you reduce risk and downtime as you transition, integrate data and maximize the technology that is best for you.

Key Deployment Offerings & Services

Expert Data Migration

Data migration is inherently risky and places incredible demands on your staff, infrastructure, and systems. However, when done in the right way, at the right time, by the right people, data migration can be a seamless project that results in significant cost and space savings. ViON has helped many organizations safely and securely move their data. We are experts at performing data migrations in complex environments, offering best-in-class experience, deep project management skills, and extensive hardware and software certifications. ViON has the experience and skill to migrate your data – all while protecting the security of the information and minimizing disruption. To learn more, download our Data Migration Solution Brief.


  • Proven methodological approach addressing technology, process and people considerations.
  • Record of delivering results at some of the largest organizations with mission-critical needs.
  • Actionable recommendations for executive and technical management
  • We partner with an extensive network of experts to augment ViON services.
  • We use a variety of tools and industry “best practices” to ensure your solution deployment success.
  • We have a talented, experienced team that is accustomed to working in Department of Defense (DoD) and/or INTEL environments.

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