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“NormShield is more comprehensive and relevant to the evaluation of cyber risk than its competitors. It properly addresses the space with detailed information for any company evaluating its vendors. It is a real security product that happens to provide a scorecard.”

Richard Timbol, ISSM/CISO, David, Polk and Wardwell, LLP.


75% of data breaches are caused by external attackers and the average cost of a data breach has risen to $4 million.

The NormShield Cyber Risk Scorecard, powered by ViON® is your insurance against costly breaches.

Sign up for a no cost, no commitment one-on-one cybersecurity assessment – in 30 minutes you will discover how the NormShield Cyber Risk Scorecard can:

  1. Provide intelligence in an easy-to-digest format
  2. Identify & prioritize vulnerabilities from the outside-in
  3. Help improve decision-making & determine ROI
  4. Justify cyber budgets
  5. Manage vendor risk
  6. Evaluate cyber insurance subscribers

NormShield offers security solutions specializing in cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management and continuous perimeter monitoring. This program utilizes cyber threat data from multiple sources in order to pinpoint flaws in your current security measures.

With the actionable intelligence provided by Normshield, you are able to take preventative measures and protect your organization’s data from cyber threats before it’s too late.