Key Considerations for Deploying a Hybrid, Multi-Cloud for Public Industry Organizations2020-11-17T10:31:12-05:00

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Key Considerations for Deploying a Hybrid, Multi-Cloud for Public Sector Organizations with Justin Ciaccio of ViON.

Justin Ciaccio, Director of Sales at ViON Corporation, joined this episode of the Software and Technology Podcast to discuss the strategic shift public sector organizations have been going through in terms of moving their services and data storage needs to the cloud. Ciaccio’s role at ViON is to help educate customers on the totality of cloud options available, and to make the most of the infrastructure these customers already have in place.

Ciaccio walked host James Kent through the process of how he and his organization work with clients to shift their services and back-end data storage to the cloud, and what key considerations are needed along the journey.

One of the surprising revelations in the discussion was the process of moving data and services to the cloud is a phased approach. Ciaccio and his team look for ways to utilize as much of a client’s existing processes and make those processes work like a public cloud, before determining what makes sense to move directly to the public cloud.

Ciaccio stressed that the solutions are never ‘one size fits all.’ Cloud solutions vary from project to project, and he works to meet the unique needs of the customer with customizable solutions.

“There are absolute efficiency gains,” said Ciaccio, in having public sector organizations making the transition to cloud-based technologies.

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