Data growth is increasing in volume, format, density, and velocity. Organizations are retaining data longer and using it in new ways for big data analytics and predictive modeling. Storing data is becoming more complex, and the expectations of end-users is putting pressure on IT organizations to meet stringent SLAs. ViON has over 37 years of solving the most challenging storage requirements – we understand the challenges our customers face and we have the experience to help you get ahead of the data growth curve.

With ViON’s Storage Solutions You Can:

  • Leverage existing storage infrastructure to simplify management and lower costs
  • Maximize the efficiency of storage resources through software defined storage solutions
  • Deliver the right combination of enterprise-ready storage, advanced global storage virtualization, and scalable, high performance hardware

A Solutions Approach to Web-Scale Storage

IBM Object Storage (Cleversafe)
ibm cleversafe

Why ViON for Storage

ViON partners with industry leaders to deliver Storage solutions whether on or off premise, in a hybrid or hosting model.

Our Storage Solutions and years of expertise are flexible, customer centric and provide a combination of enterprise ready storage, advanced global storage virtualization, and efficient, scalable, high-performance hardware. This combination enables continuous operations, self-managing policy-driven management, and agile IT. We work with our valued partners to deliver integrated technology solutions that consist of best-of-breed products, people, and processes.

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