ViON has over 35 years of experience of protecting data for the most demanding government and business requirements. We focus on our customers specific objectives to help them implement data protection solutions that deliver now and in the future. ViON can help:

  • Scale back up and recovery capacity to stay ahead of the rapid growth of volume, variety and velocity of data
  • Reduce or eliminate redundant file sets created by siloed storage that overload back up systems and complicate restore operations
  • Increase the accessibility of data to maximize the business value, while lowering costs and increasing the security of information
  • Manage, secure and store data from mobile or remote workers in a centralized archive

Why ViON for Data Protection

In more than 34 years of protecting government agencies and private enterprises against data loss, ViON has seen and solved numerous data protection business challenges.

We custom design our solutions to meet your specific objectives, using industry-leading technologies. Depending on your needs, our solution can include:

  • Private cloud to provide dynamic, user directed, allocation of IT resources
  • Object Storage to increase the flexibility of where data is stored, while increasing the knowledge of the data being stored
  • Disk cache to improve the user experience when accessing deep archive
  • Energy efficient tape and Optical systems for long-term archiving

With ViON’s approach, you aren’t locked into any single technology or manufacturer, and we can integrate your solution using components you already have.


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