With advanced technologies like private cloud, big data analytics and desktop virtualization driving new business practices, IT organizations are under increased pressure to maximize compute power from their servers, reduce capital and operation costs and eliminate downtime. ViON has 35 years of experience in enabling complex data center operations. Driving these solutions are industry leading processing capabilities from leaders in server and compute platforms like Cisco and IBM. Our partnerships with these manufacturers enable us to provide powerful and efficient compute platforms than help control and manage data center operations.

With ViON Compute Solutions, you can:

  • Enable big data, cloud and other mission critical applications with optimized, agile and secure architectures
  • Extend server utilization for more power to drive resource intensive workloads
  • Reduce cycle times, improve scalability, bandwidth and speed for a better end-user experience

ViON offers compute products that deliver enhanced performance for resource intensive applications. Our team of experienced professionals understand the complex challenges that are facing IT organizations and partner with them to design and build a solutions that is right for them.

Why ViON for Compute Solutions

ViON has over 35 years of experience architecting complex data center solutions for all types of customers.

Our solutions are designed to protect our customers data, maximize efficiency and improve resiliency and agility. Our team of solutions architects and engineers will help design a solution that is right for your organization. We partner with industry leading vendors of compute platforms to bring your data center operations to the next level.

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