Retention requirements are expanding, from legal and regulatory mandates to corporate policy. IT organizations are called on to retain rapidly growing volumes of data for longer periods of time – in some instances, for beyond 100 years. ViON partners with our customer to take a strategic approach to archiving, so the solution you implement today, can sustain growth well into the future.

With ViON Archiving, you can:

  • Be assured capacity, value and accessibility to growing enterprise data stores
  • Address the tremendous growth in unstructured data, providing better retention while lowering costs, increasing performance of production tiers of storage.
  • Have access to industry-leading archiving providers to ensure you get the archiving solution that best meets your specific requirements

ViON Archive Solutions are helping IT organizations stay ahead of the explosive growth in structured and unstructured data, while lowering costs, increasing efficiency and making information accessible from anywhere at any time.

Why ViON for Archiving

ViON understands every customer has different challenges. Combining existing solutions with new technologies allows us to meet any archiving challenge.

The demands of long-term archive have traditionally meant data was impossible to access or use. Our Active Archive solutions dramatically improve the user experience without affecting the overall cost objectives of archive. Our object storage solutions improve the knowledge and searchability of archive data. By leveraging the native cloud capabilities, data is more accessible from more places at a lower cost.

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