Rubrik provides the world’s first Cloud Data Management platform that delivers data protection, search, analytics, and copy data management to hybrid cloud enterprises. Rubrik decouples application data from infrastructure through a software-defined fabric, driving business acceleration and resiliency at lower costs. Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management platform provides a cloud-native approach to managing the lifecycle of data, from creation to expiration, across the data center to the Cloud. Rubrik delivers instant access, automated orchestration with self-service and unified management for any application, Cloud, or location.

Instant Access: leverage predictive global search and instant application recovery from Ransomware.

Automated Orchestration with Self-Service: simplify with a single policy engine that orchestrates service level agreements (SLAs)

Freedom of Choice: Utilize a cloud-native platform with broad support across any third-party hypervisor, application, database, and Cloud.

With Rubrik Cloud Data Management you can:

  • Recover applications and data instantly to resume business within minutes of an attack
  • Use one SLA policy engine reducing daily management time by 60%
  • Achieve data center footprint reduction by upwards of 70%.

Download the Rubrik Technology Overview to learn more.

ViON provides solutions designed specifically to meet your objectives, using industry-leading technologies that can include:

  • Cloud-based infrastructure, purpose built for integration and infinite scale - enabling hybrid and multi-cloud environments for all enterprises.
  • Broad ecosystem support, providing vendor-agnostic solutions for any platform, data source, hypervisor, and cloud.
  • Efficiency and cost reductions supporting data center consolidation and cloud environments.


Why ViON for Data Management and Data Protection?

ViON installs, configures, maintains and supports your data protection solution through the entire lifecycle, drawing on decades of success with large-scale IT implementations.

ViON brings unparalleled experience integrating data management systems into data centers, extensive internal training on these systems and a variety of services to make sure everything works right. Our goal is to keep you focused on your core business priorities without the distraction of dealing with IT deployment details.

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