ViON’s Multi-Level Secure Ecosystem (MLS-e) enables the storage of classified, secret and top secret data on a single appliance, while segmenting access to this information based upon user credentials and authorization. Traditional methods require separate, multiple storage arrays, creating independent silos of information. By securing different classification levels of data on a single appliance, MLS-e expedites the sharing of information while also reducing costs and ensuring data security.

With MLS-e You Can

  • Store and access data at multiple security levels on a single appliance resulting in faster analysis, improved decision making and better outcomes
  • Index, query, add and retrieve data from the multi-level storage device through a single intuitive interface
  • Reduce costs with a single appliance requiring less power, cooling and space than multiple storage arrays.

Agencies that are required to manage and store classified information are faced with the challenge of multi-tenancy of the data. Data is processed from multiple sources and at various classification levels and compartments; thus distributing and storing it requires a large outlay of redundant equipment. This results in increased costs, maintenance, and complexity for operators. Due to the networking restrictions between security levels, existing systems present challenges for gaining timely access to vital Intel data. This is particularly troublesome for imagery applications that require low-latency to function optimally. MLS-e helps solve this problem, and greatly diminishes the impact by securely allowing multiple classification levels and compartments to be unified on a single storage and compute architecture.

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ViON partners with industry leaders to deliver our secure data storage offerings.

The MLS-E appliance is designed to meet specific customer needs with components from industry-leading partners including Seagate, We work with our valued teammates to deliver integrated technology solutions that consist of best-of-breed products, people, and processes. We build upon their experiences, best practices and methodologies to bring you the best possible solutions for your specific requirements.

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