Hitachi Content Platform(HCP) is an object storage solution that allows IT organizations and cloud service providers to store, share, synchronize, protect, preserve, analyze and retrieve file data in a single system. With HCP, you have the freedom to move data to your choice of public clouds automatically, based on policy, and still retain control and visibility at all times because the metadata is securely stored on site. The system’s centralized storage is more efficient, easier to use, and handles much more data than traditional file storage solutions. HCP automates day-to-day IT operations, such as data protection, data management, archive and retrieval, and readily evolves with changes in scale, scope, applications, and storage and server technologies over the life of data.

With Hitachi Content Platform You Can

  • Allow file access and sharing anywhere, anytime, on multiple devices.
  • Deliver better data security and data protection.
  • Provide better stewardship, control and data management.

Download the Hitachi Content Platform Solution Brief to learn more.

Preparing for the Data Deluge in the Public Sector

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Preparing for the Data Deluge

ViON custom designs our solutions to meet your specific objectives, using industry-leading technologies that can include:

  • Private cloud to provide dynamic, user directed, allocation of IT resources.
  • Object Storage to increase the flexibility of where data is stored, while increasing the knowledge of the data being stored.
  • Leveraging disk cache to improve the user experience when accessing deep archive.
  • Energy efficient tape and Optical systems for long-term archiving and data management.

Why ViON for Data Management and Data Protection?

ViON installs, configures, maintains and supports your data protection solution through the entire lifecycle, drawing on more than 35 years of success with large-scale IT implementations.

Only ViON brings together over 35 years of experience integrating data management systems into data centers, extensive internal training on these systems and a variety of services to make sure everything works right. Our goal is to keep you focused on your core business priorities without the distraction of dealing with IT deployment details.

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