Engage with an Experienced Private, Hybrid, Public Cloud Partner

Adopting cloud solutions is less about the nuts and bolts that power convenient, on-demand network access to shared resources and more about how cloud enhances business operations within an enterprise.

ViON has pioneered, delivered and managed on premise private cloud for over fifteen years. We have a track record of implementing and managing Infrastructure “as-a-service” (IaaS) (PaaS) with highly-reliable, agile, and effective technology solutions and a flexible financial model. Our seasoned experts work closely with your team to determine whether a private, hybrid or public solution is best for your organization. To develop an optimum cloud solution for your enterprise, leverage our extensive compute, storage, networking, virtualization and migration expertise. Work with ViON to:

  • Overcome business and financial barriers to Cloud adoption
  • Determine the right deployment model and minimize financial risks
  • Simplify cloud management and infrastructure migration
  • Meet complex security requirements


GovLoop: Managing Multiple Cloud Implementations

Managing Multiple Cloud

Private Cloud: Agile Cloud Platform

ViON Agile Cloud Platform is a series of purpose-built, complete integrated packages of infrastructure (servers, storage, networking, and software) developed to enable fast delivery of enterprise-class private Cloud. Designed to simplify the process of Cloud deployments, ViON Agile Cloud Platform lets organizations take full advantage of Cloud without all the traditional costs and complexity of moving to a Cloud environment.

With ViON Agile Cloud Platform, Organizations Can:

  • Modernize IT Infrastructure with immediate access to the hardware, software, cloud enablement technology and support needed to quickly deploy and manage a secure, enterprise-class private Cloud.
  • Best of breed Converged and Hyper Converged technologies are provided with our exclusive as-a-Service economic model
  • Solutions optimized for VMWare, Red Hat and others to support integration for Hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Free up excess resources and provision technology in smaller segments with ViON’s Extreme Virtualization (EV) Technology
  • Take advantage of commodity infrastructure packages designed for lower total cost of ownership and a true pay as you go financial model


Hybrid and Public Cloud

ViON is committed to your mission success providing Application Transformation and Migration to the Cloud – whether Private, Hybrid or Public implementation of IaaS or PaaS. ViON has multiple public cloud partnerships and is an MSP partner with Microsoft® (MS) Azure. Our partnerships augment our position to deliver the best Hybrid Cloud offering in the IT market.

Ensure compliance and fast-track transformation with Hybrid Cloud.

Accelerate IT modernization whether on or off premise with ViON’s Agile Cloud Platform (ACP). ViON installs purpose-built, completely integrated infrastructure, assists with application migration, and shifts our clients into an enterprise-class Private Cloud under an OpEx economic model. This improves ROI and allows our clients to capitalize on Cloud, capture cost savings and fully modernize their infrastructure without re-architecting applications.

Dynamically order and use IT infrastructure as a Service.

ViON’s IaaS economic model allows IT organizations to access server, storage, compute and data center networking as needed, scaling usage up or down to align with unique requirements. ViON IaaS allows for a high level of customization to suit specific environments rapidly. This OpEx vs. CapEx economic model has been at the forefront of ViON’s IaaS offering for over a decade.

ViON Partnerships

ViON Partners with Industry Leaders to Deliver Your Ideal Path to the Cloud

ViON Cloud solutions are designed to meet specific customer needs with components from industry-leading partners including Cisco, DELL/EMC, Hitachi Vantara, Hitachi Vantara Federal, IBM, Microsoft Azure, NetApp, Nutanix, Nvidia, Oracle, Pure Storage, QTS, RedHat, Rubrik, Supermicro, Virtustream, VMWare and more. This ensures ViON customers gain access to the products, people, and processes needed to successfully implement Cloud in their environment. Whether an organization is focused on private, hybrid, multi-cloud or public cloud engagements, ViON has years of hands-on experience and premium partnerships in place to deliver on these goals.

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