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The Cost of Cloud: Covering All Your Bases

To score a home run, you have to cover all the bases. But getting from start to finish is harder than it looks. For Federal agencies, hitting IT out of the park is even more difficult due to budget constraints, lengthy procurement processes, and staffing difficulties.

The Great Cloud Debate: Public vs. Private – and the ViON Hybrid Model

Today, just 13 percent of Feds say they can deploy new systems as quickly as required. And, it’s no secret agencies are being pushed to make the move to cloud – whether it’s data center consolidation initiatives, flexible performance to meet constituents’ on-demand requests, simply the desire to increase overall IT efficiency, or the demands of the current regulatory environment.

A Break in the Clouds? Taking a Business Model Approach to Clear a Path to Federal Cloud Adoption

Federal IT leaders have the best possible cloud intentions – from Cloud First and Shared First to FDCCI and FedRAMP. And, there is motivation. By most accounts, 80 percent of Federal IT dollars are currently spent on life support for legacy systems – an equation that needs to change. This month GAO and OMB provided additional motivation.

Federal Cloud Procurement: What You Need To Ask

We all agree cloud consumption is inherently more efficient – helping agencies shift from CapEx to OpEx – and more flexible – enabling “anything as a service,” where agencies pay for what they use vs. what they project. The plan is to use cloud to speed the Federal modernization path – a key goal considering just 32 percent of Federal IT managers anticipate their legacy applications will be able to meet mission needs in five years.

Keep Moving Forward with Cloud

The November 2015 FedTalks in Washington, DC was an incredible event and I’m still processing all of the information I collected from this annual gathering of the top leaders from the tech and government IT communities.

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