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From the Desk of the CTO

Welcome to ViON's new Office of the CTO blog. This blog is sponsored by ViON's CTO and ViON's Product Management department. We'll use this blog to convey information about ViON's solutions, products and services offerings. We'll also be discussing changes in the IT marketplace and the needs of IT customers. Before we start down that path; however, let me introduce you to the upcoming contributors to this blog. I'll start by introducing myself.

Carl T. Fulp, Chief Technology Officer, Vice President Product Management 

  • I'm ViON's CTO and I lead ViON's Product Management department. I'm responsible for bringing all of ViON's solutions, products and services to market. I have a group of incredibly talented people within ViON's Product Management department and I collaborate with a large group of suppliers to help me with this effort. My background includes almost three decades with ViON designing, selling and implementing products and solutions to some of ViON's largest customers. I've held Systems Engineering, Director of Systems Engineering, and Vice President of Engineering and Services positions at ViON. Prior to ViON I held a position at the Defense Intelligence Agency installing and maintaining solutions for Intelligence Analysts. I also served ten years in the United States Air Force designing and implementing information systems for headquarters United States Air Forces Europe and the Defense Intelligence Agency. 

And let me introduce you to ViON's product managers, my fellow contributors to this blog:


Jeremy Savoy, Product Manager, Server Solutions 

  • Jeremy is responsible for ViON's server solutions including converged infrastructure and VMware. Jeremy has launched ViON's converged infrastructure server virtualization solutions for VMware. Jeremy is currently working on a ViON unique virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offering we'll be bringing to market later this year. Jeremy's background includes 12 years of selling server solutions at IBM. An interesting note concerning Jeremy's employment history; he served four years in the United States Air Force maintaining avionics equipment on a fleet of F-16 aircraft.


John Ridings, Product Manager, Storage Solutions 

  • John is responsible for all of ViON's disk-based storage solutions. John has considerable expertise with enterprise and midrange storage solutions from Hitachi. He has designed and implemented the most complex storage solutions for our customers. With John's knowledge of so many Flash storage offerings I'd consider him an expert. John's background includes serving as ViON's Engineering Team Lead supporting ViON's intelligence community customers. John has also held systems engineering and field engineering positions at Sun and Amdahl.

Mark Goldberg, Product Manager, Network Solutions 

  • Mark is responsible for ViON's Network solutions. He has been instrumental in broadening ViON's portfolio with IP-based offerings. In his early blogs, Mark quoted Sisyphus as saying, "I could never handle the frustration of Systems Engineering." Mark is old enough to have worked with Sisyphus, possibly at Telenet Communications. Mark's background includes decades of experience in Telecommunications, Network Management and Cyber Security, providing Sales and Customer Support, Product Development and Marketing, Systems Engineering and Consulting at companies such as Sprint, Cisco, General Dynamics, Riverbed and Blue Coat.

Mike Constantine, Product Manager, Data Protection and Cloud Solutions 

  • Mike is responsible for ViON's data protection (backup, recovery, archive) and Cloud solutions. This includes file and content products such as NAS and object storage platforms. Mike's Cloud-based solutions include file sync and share and storage-as-a-service offerings. Mike's employment background includes selling backup and recovery solutions at EMC, Unisys and Atempo. Due to the broad range of technologies Mike is familiar with, he often refers to himself as a "Swiss Army Knife." 

Mike Meister, Product Manager, Motion Video Solutions 

  • Mike is responsible for ViON's motion video solutions and is working on a ViON unique Full Motion Video (FMV) solution we'll be bringing to market later this year. Mike has a wealth of knowledge on motion imagery solutions as he previously held a position as Director of Motion Imagery Solutions at General Dynamics. Mike was with General Dynamics for over 20 years.

Ray McCay, Product Manager, Advanced Solutions 

  • Ray is responsible for advanced solutions that ViON will be bringing to the marketplace. With Ray's decades of experience selling a wide range of Hitachi offerings he is well suited for this position. Ray previously held a position at Hitachi Data Systems as Senior Vice President of Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Global Sales. Ray is an expert on converged infrastructure. Ray was a long time employee at HDS holding positions that ranged from Systems Engineer to Senior Vice President, including SVP of Product Strategy.

Rodney Hite, Product Manager, Big Data Solutions 

  • Rodney is responsible for ViON's Big Data solutions. This includes systems upon which to store and analyze Big Data. Rodney is currently working on a ViON unique Big Data solution to bring to market later this year. Rodney's background includes twenty plus years as a US Army Special Forces operator with duties including tactical level information discovery and analysis in such areas as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Most recently, Rodney held a position at Data Tactics as Manager, Operations and Integration for the Army Intelligence Big Data effort. Rodney has held positions ranging from Tactical Operations to Corporate Vice President.

As you can see these ViON product managers have a wealth of expertise, knowledge and experience in the marketplace. I know these folks well and they certainly aren't shy or lacking of opinion on almost anything. They should make excellent bloggers. Stay tuned to hear what they have to say. 

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