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Can a little yellow elephant help protect your IT infrastructure?

Hadoop… Is there a place for Big Data in Cyber Security?  According to many of the industry experts, Big Data Analytics is the ANSWER.

I attended the Cyberspace Symposium 2014 last week in Colorado Springs, Colorado with the focus on Cyber Security.  They should have called it the CyberFreeze Symposium with high temperatures never reaching above single digits.  It is amazing how fast nose hair freezes at -15 O.   As a former operator in 10th Special Forces Group, the world’s best cold weather warriors (also located in Colorado Springs), it was an appropriate welcome back to Colorado. 
The overarching theme for the symposium focused around the ever-changing threat environment and the ability to combat the cyber adversaries.  Many of the presenters provided an emphasis on Big Data and Big Data Analytics as the preferred solution. I am excited to be a part of ViON’s aspiration to provide value around innovation with our Big Cyber Security initiative.  ViON provides a cyber solution that integrates foundational/traditional cyber security technologies integrated with Big Data technology providing not only a solution that is effective against todays threats but allows for flexibility in analytics with the use of a Hadoop-based Big Data architecture. 

Another theme widely evangelized was “Kill Chain Analysis” which translates to Reconnaissance, Weaponization, Delivery, Exploitation, Installation, Command and Control, and Actions

This approach is focused on defeating a Cyber adversary by using intelligence analytic techniques defined as Find, Fix, Track, Target, Engage and Assess.  Now we are talking my language.  As a former intelligence analyst this approach rings true.  An adversary is an adversary independent of environment.  Whether in Afghanistan or in the Cyber World, approaches to neutralize the threat are the same for all adversaries.  We need to know and understand our adversaries’ capabilities, objectives, TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures), limitations, possible courses of actions, and most likely courses of action.  To gain that understanding, it requires the fusion of information and the ability to turn that information into actionable intelligence.  From a military intelligence perspective, that is the ability to gain insight through the multiple intelligence disciplines i.e. HUMINT, OSINT, MASINT, GEOINT, SIGINT, TECHINT, and CYBINT.  Within Cyber Security we can break that down into data types i.e. Network Traffic, Computer Log Files, User Privileges, User and Machine Access, Behavioral Characteristics, Social Media, and Anomaly Recognition.  Hadoop-based Big Data architecture is the solution.

ViON approaches Cyber Security in an innovative fashion called “Big Cyber Security” This total platform solution is designed by combining legacy security techniques with Big Data Analytics.  We expand the threat environment to include the internal IT infrastructure and the external cyber world for threat discovery and monitoring.

Innovation & Leading Edge Technology, converged with tried and tested analytics platforms….  Let the little yellow elephant deliver Big Data Analytics.

Stay Tuned!!!  ViON will be providing additional Big Data solutions in the near future that can satisfy all of your Big Data needs including Data Capture, Preservation, Maintenance, Storage, Search, Sharing, Transfer, Analysis or Visualization.

Stay Warm! 

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