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Data protection... A Circus Sideshow?

"Ladies And Gentlemen"
While driving in my car a song by Saliva, called “Ladies and Gentlemen” was playing. As I listened to the lyrics, they seemed to apply directly to Data Protection.  So...

      Ladies and gentlemen please
     Would you bring your attention to me?
     For a feast for your eyes to see
     An explosion of catastrophe

Data Protection for most people becomes a circus sideshow.  Backup and recovery solutions generally just plug away, without ever being tested… until one day when data must be recovered.  Errors and failures to complete scheduled backups are often dismissed with little concern.  Then one day the circus comes to town along with the sideshow.  The two-headed calf becomes the talk of the town. Their names are failed backup and investigative audit. 

     Like nothing you've ever seen before
     Watch closely as I open this door
     Your jaws will be on the floor
     After this you'll be begging for more

Organization executives facing this sideshow horror begin to ask serious questions.  Why did the backup fail? How much was lost?  Will there be fines or damages as a result of the audit?  What can be done to prevent this in the future? (If we have a future!) On the other side, competition is “begging for more.” They want to see this horror show.  Bigger fines, more data loss, LESS competition.  

      Ladies and gentlemen good evening
     You've seen that seeing is believing
     Your ears and your eyes will be bleeding
     Please check to see if you're still breathing 

Now the sword swallower takes the stage.  His goal; ingest as many swords as possible without perforating his throat or stomach.  Sounds like archive to me.  Many organizations must meet data retention regulations. Others keep data for analysis or reference.  Both are forcing and contributing to the massive growth of enterprise storage.  This puts pressure on every part of the enterprise and results in failure.  

     Hold tight cause the show is not over
     If you will please move in closer
     Your about to be bowled over
     By the wonders you're about to behold here

This is the point where ViON steps up to the stage.  Data Protection challenges differ from one customer to the next.  Unlike the next crazy diet fad, there is no single pill that solves the problem.  For some customers, the pain and failure of backup-to-tape disappears when data-deduplication and backup-to-disk technologies are inserted into the environment.  Without making massive changes to schedules or methodologies, customers dramatically lower the time for backups to complete.  This helps reduce the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) by completing backups more often.  The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) also improves due to the random access speed of disk versus tape.

Object storage and active archive provide the ability to remove data from the backup stream altogether.  Moving data that does not change from production storage to archive platforms can dramatically reduce costs and improve backup/recovery performance.  These platforms have the additional benefits of supporting governance and compliance, data insight and analytics, custom metadata, and flexibility.  Object storage serves as the foundation of cloud storage.  It provides a RESTful interface that has the ability to expand from private cloud to public cloud elastically.

Remember those tape systems that were not meeting backup requirements?  Active Archive is the perfect place for tape.  Its low cost, high capacity, and portability make it the perfect platform for archive.  When object storage or intelligent disk cache sits in front of the tape system the end user experience improves dramatically.  The largest cloud provider agrees.

     Welcome to the show
     Please come inside
     Ladies and gentlemen
     Do you want it? 
     Do you need it?
     Let me hear it!
     Ladies and gentlemen!

ViON understands the challenges facing our customers.  Ladies and gentlemen! Do you want a solution? Do you need a solution.  Contact ViON to find out how we can take the circus sideshow and turn it into the main event.   

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