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Are you asking the right questions about smart integration and cloud?

How do agencies tackle cloud adoption? Everyone has a different story but the challenges are similar across state and local government. In a recent webinar by StateScoop titled “Smart Integration for Faster Innovation” featuring Tony Encinias, VP, Public Sector Strategy for ViON, viewers learn how other states are navigating the challenges of modernizing IT and how these organizations have found success in adopting the cloud.

Getting Mobility Fast
Optimizing state IT for faster integration is all about mobility and leaders stress how important it is to get IT focused on the right things and asking the right questions about cloud, according to Stu Davis, CIO for the state of Ohio. In the webinar, state leaders are finding a hybrid approach offers the most beneficial combination to deliver services agencies can use now and build upon in the future. Davis finds success in getting agency CIOs from around the state as well as state employees engaged with state business and IT’s role and ability to leverage data they already have to achieve objectives.

Analytics Front & Center
State of Indiana CIO, Dewand Neely is making analytics part of everyday business, establishing KPIs that are manageable and measurable and centralizing the management of those KPIs. All state agencies are working to participate in a management and performance hub that requires agencies to submit data, information, system access and other resources to help inform planning, making analytics part of IT and Indiana business. The webinar delivers details on how this operational change has made analytics as-a-service more consumable and sustainable long-term for the state.

Cloud Strategy & Considerations
Tony Encinias urges agencies to consider WHY they want to move to the cloud in order to determine the optimal path and solution. It’s about asking the right questions and knowing who can provide the answers. Tony recommends examining whether agencies and their vendor can support hybrid cloud from different locations, how legacy systems will integrate, what flexibility with volume requirements agencies can gain and how vendors ensure data is safe, just to name a few. Viewers can make a virtual checklist to step through cloud procurement with Tony’s insight.

Check out the StateScoop webinar now to get best practices and helpful tips from the pros that know how to help get Smart Integration for Faster Innovation.

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